And shadows still remain.

It's November! You know what that means.

1. Obsessive repeat playing of November Rain

2. Ok, really number one is the only absolute. BUT, I can wear layers pretty much every day in some form and it may not climb above 80 degrees on the odd day!

What I wore on Halloween. I was dressed up as your basic "awesome girl."

oooooh pretty pattern!


I have to admit I have been skirting the issue of this jacket. To be honest I just feel bad. To discuss this jacket is to gloat, there is no getting around it. I hate to gloat. Wait. No, that's not really it. I actually LOVE to gloat but I know how it makes me look and so I typically refrain. This is an exception. Puuuuuhfect vintage leather motorcycle jacket in good but not too good condition (you do want motorcycle jacket to look nice, but also like it may have seen a motorcycle or two in it's life.) Mine! All mine! Picked up for less than $40 at Buffalo Exchange a few weeks back. I have been throwing it on a little more lately, using any stiff breeze as an excuse to go "oooh, brrrr it's getting chilly out here! Best go get my vintage motorcycle jacket!" It seems like everyone is looking for a good moto jacket right now and I found one!!
***insert more gloating here***

The best thing about finally owning a jacket like this is I can indulge my hessian fantasy life more authentically. Those who know me well know that I have deluded myself into believing I am pretty metal...sometimes. I got in one of my hesh moods this weekend after finally downloading the White Zombie discography.

Hank III is metal? Ruining a legacy is pretty metal.
shirt-vintage Hank Williams III, thrifted
shorts-husbands old jeans, safety pinned up
boots-vintage, ebay

If you don't think Rob/White Zombie is metal enough or you just don't like him you can just promptly leave my blog then. SHOO I SAY!

How do you not love this man?

Oh wait, I feel like there is something missing...

Muuuuuch better.

Seriously though, do you see a resemblance to anyone I know? EH?

I have a type, a really SPECIFIC type.

moving on!

I could not be more thrilled that Halloween is over. For one thing I don't have to sift through 1500 blogs about what everyone on planet internet is going to dress up as (sarah palin perhaps? a pin-up girl you say??). I am also glad I don't have to hear about everyone's mind-blowing Halloween plans. I GET IT, YOU DON'T HAVE KIDS, YOU PARTY, IT'S AWESOME. I'm not as bitter as I sound, haha. I had a great Halloween! After taking my daughter trick or treating my husbands band played a show (and played it well I might add.) But, The best thing about the passing of All Hallows Eve is of course the actualization of the CANDY!! Obviously I have been eating my own weight in mini kit-kat bars for the past 48 hours.

Did you ever wonder what happens to a four year old after a powerful sugar crash?




Luckily, my bloating is masked by my recent uniform of black control-top tights, my most recently purchased vintage boots, and interchangeable dresses. I know it is uncreative but sometimes when you get into a fashion groove you start digging it into a rut. But luckily it was a good week for thrifted styles, as a lot of the dressed that had been pushed to the back of my closet are starting to emerge...

Also last week...
IMG_4562 IMG_4571
Dress- Vintage!!

Dress- Savers!!

I am going to make a concerted effort this week to at least switch up the shoes. And maybe throw in a pair of colored tights. I have a busy month coming up. My parents are visiting! My in-laws are visiting! The circus! Calexico AND Ghostland Observatory shows! DID I MENTION THE CIRCUS? Eep.

In the meantime you should know there is a TON of stuff for sale right now in the Magnolia Family Vintage shop.

Sneak preview alert!!!

you have to work for the rest of it.

When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same

'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain


Rosie said...

Is making your own clothes acceptable when living thriftily? Also, your dresses have the loveliest patterns.

ほし said...

Yay, you've returned! I have a couple of questions to ask thou...

Where do you get your tights? I need to find some tights. Well, more tights.

Second, do you know of any good thrifting places in New Orleans? Sorry for the random question, but you being a vintage queen and all, I thought maybe you knew. :)

Jekkia said...

I love all the clothes- all of them!!!
The white dress- oh my god!!

November Rain is a classic- a classic!

Sarah D. said...

1. Of Course! making your own clothes counts so hard. As long as you're not buying it new, I think it is kosher. And, thank you :) I do have some lovely prints, don't I??

2. YAY.
I am really snobby about tights. I buy mostly at Nordstroms because I wear tights OUT and i need high quality. So we will see how long they really do last now that I can't buy any new ones. I also hate to say it but Urban really has the best color and style selection.

I have a friend in New Orleans, I will get back to you about that!!

Jasmine said...

good Lord!!! avery is a 25 year old now! and she is looking more and more like the d-word everyday! eeek! still insanely cute and beautiful tho! don't know how he does it.... :)

Anonymous said...

fabulous!!!! Loving these looks!

Kim Grant said...

Love the motorcycle jacket. Justin just bought me a suede fringed poncho (tan) from the 60's. It's beautiful and I can't wait to wear it.

Also, one of the best booked shows I ever saw was Sunset Junction 2006 when they had country/Americana on stage ALL DAY...Hank III was the perfect transition to the cramps...he started doing some country and moved seamlessly to heavy metal. It was AWESOME.

Kim Grant said...

OH, and p.s.

I have 2 pairs of mocassins, one knee-high, which I know to tuck into my boots, but how do I wear the ankle high mocassin booties? they look like bad slippers under my jeans. KG

Debbie said...

omigod your daughter is so cute!! she reminds me of my little 6 year old cousin who is seriously beyond awesome, smart and adorable. also i'm coveting those boots. love your blog and your style :)