Dress your head.

I've been in a stale frame of mind lately. I don't enjoy the stagnation. I believe it was sparked by a distaste for a lot of current fashion, a feeling of left-outness... emphasized by the now tedious avoidance of new clothes, amazing spring shoes I cannot buy, and the disturbing temptation of pants in this my 27th year. This condition, as it were, has resulted in too many late hours spent flipping through old magazines and frantically click-clicking through internet communities and fashion web sites. The end result is an overwhelming dump of "favorited" street style photos, bookmarked shops, and editorial eye candy. I would say instead of inspiring myself I have instigated a frenzy in my right brain. A cyclone whirling at such high speeds that I have almost shut down. This style non-functioning phase came to a head yesterday when after showering I decided to see what would happen if  I put no hair product in before blow-drying. You can tell the rest of the story to yourself. 

I may spend the next week dumping things from my frenzied hunt here. 

Spring has sprung and the wind is blowing in Texas. It feels amazing. I don't know how to describe it but I have never felt wind like this anywhere else. The sun has lent itself to lovely turning-your-face up moments and accompanying panic attacks about my legs and the dwindling self-tanner supply in my bathroom. Maybe I have seasonal anxiety disorder that manifests as style indecision and body insecurity.

Nevermind, did I mention I am scattered these days? I declare it,

Pretty Picture Monday...

*photos from Muse #13 by Hans Beurer

Every day should be pretty picture day. I don't usually find myself tempted to DIY anything... at all. But the above photo shoot makes me want to make my own floral, fabric headdress. Honestly though, I recently came across more than one crafty Do-It-Yourself project I may be in the mood to take on. I promise to tell you about it all in the near future...


Get on the bus.

SMILE! It's a good day.


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Also, check out my new desktop. FASHION! Amiright?

Shoes TO DIE.

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Magnolia Family flash!


Magnolia Family Vintage is back.

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It's not all about the music.

I got a new book for my birthday...two months ago.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Cheers to coffee table books that don't involve scenic countryside or historic bridges! Thank you Lindsay and Sarah! 

I am happy to report that our garage sale was a super success. I had no idea what a load of work a garage sale is, because this was indeed my very first. I was working my tail off for the 2-3 days before it went down. It was well worth it! I made much more cold, hard cash than I expected to and cleaned out a good lord lot of stuff that was crowding me out of my own home. Of course, it couldn't happen without some farcical comedy action. Austin was clear, warm, and bright for the whole week leading up to my sale but Saturday woke up with 40MPH winds and ice in her veins. It was cold and it was harsh at 6AM when I started dragging racks out of the garage. I was pretty bitter for awhile and rather self-importantly believed that God himself had cursed my endeavor. Luckily, the laughs settled in early when I found myself running around trying to keep the racks standing up and picking jewelry out of the grass when it all blew away.

The best part for me was all the lovely people I got to meet and the lovely friends I got to see who came out to support. I am pretty sure miss Tolley who keeps Austin up to date over at That Austin Girl blog, snapped up everything shiny I had for sale. If you came out to see us Thank You! Once it was over and cleaned up, Dave and I went to see some friends and have a yummy home-cooked meal made for us. I was sunburned and exhausted so I promptly fell asleep on their couch around ten. Nothing classier than waking up in your own drool on someone else's decorative pillow!

So, I am going to come out of left-field here and address a topic besides buy stuff from me please.

SXSW is upon us!!

One side of me is always excited by music events such as this one (and pitchfork, coachella, etc.) because I cherish the accessibility of many musical genres at one time, in one place. My "road-trip playlist" includes Tanya Tucker, The Thermals, AND Chamillionaire. I like to think loving music can be comprehensive and festivals like these support my cause! On the other side of my brain I have been frustrated the last few years by the direction SXSW seems to be taking. Less unsigned band showcases, more HUGE corporate sponsors, insane wristband costs, and last but not least- I cannot get a table anywhere in town for a good two weeks. 

I am pretty optimistic this year though. The lineup is chock full of bands I have never heard of, there seem to be more free shows and parties than you can shake your wristband at, and the big names on the roster have a nostalgic theme that makes me want to tie a flannel around my waist (Perry Farrel! PJ Harvey! Devo! Echo and the Bunnymen!) Well, come to think of it I may want to scrap the flannel and just wear LOTS of black eyeliner. 

Wait, I am talking about this like I am going to see those bands. Not so much. I will be partaking of the free shows/goods/parties this year. But that is beside the point. The point (the one I have been getting to for what seems like days now) is that music festivals, SXSW 2009 included, are chock full of fashionable ladies and fashionable fans. I took the liberty of compiling a little list of the most fashion forward ladies taking the stage this year in Austin. You know how I love a list! 

South By: Get your show on

PJ Harvey, Empress of Edge (came up with that one all by myself)

Picnik collage

Picnik collage
The mini-shifts in floral prints, the untouched tresses, the perfect complexions...It's almost like the Lisbon sisters started a band instead of killing themselves.

Tammy Ealom of Dressy Bessy

Picnik collage
She reminds me a lot of Kate Pierson. That is one of the highest compliments I can bestow upon a person. I admire her commitment to the eternally difficult GO-GO boot.

The ladies of The Ettes

Picnik collage
Holy Moley! I love this band and I love their style. Every song makes me want to get my biggest hoop earrings out and tease the bleep out of my hair. In a really garage-y way though.

Picnik collage
Quirky, charming, and very Laurel Canyon without, you know, peacock feathers and hand-tooled leather. I have been playing their album a lot and it always makes me want to wear less makeup.

Picnik collage
OK, Ladyhawke makes me want to put on lots and lots of makeup. Wouldn't I be a great music journalist? All of my reviews would be based on how much time it takes me to get ready while listening. She definitely has a modern day Debbie Harry aesthetic. Can we suggest her as a replacement for Kirsten Dunst in the upcoming biopic??

Last but not least, Camera Obscura

Picnik collage
I have always loved the calming tone of these ladies aesthetic. It is a little bit depression era combined with Nancy Drew. And so, so lovely to listen to. Always a plus.

To go along with my list I have made a mix CD featuring the songs of the lovely ladies (and their gentlemen friends) above...along with some of my other favorite ladies behind the mic with style. If you want a copy of said mix let me know! I am in the mood to give gifts. Get on this, it doesn't happen often!