It's not a leap to say that Austin, TX has a lot to offer. It's not exactly a secret that this is a city overflowing with music, art, good food, and individuality. I'm still trucking through, discovering new things each and every time I leave the house. This process would probably go faster if I left the house more, but what can you do? I wanted to take this opportunity  to spotlight one of my favorite scrumptious tidbits out of Austin! When you need pure whimsy with a dash of irreverence and just enough nonsense, you can go straight to...


This girl has a handle on fantasy. I love the richness of the colors, the extravagance, the work that goes into it...and Darla does it all herself. According to her myspace, she builds the sets, takes the photos, and does hair and makeup for all her shoots. Something of a renaissance woman, no? I love when I see someone taking complete creative control and having the skill set to back it up. Makes me want to go out and sign up for classes in photography, graphic design, cosmetology, and whatever else they offer...except for silly, trivial things like finance management, etc ;)

And next I have to wish my bebe girl Chloe Sevigny a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

November 8th, home girl turned 34. Dear God, when I am 34 please let me look as hot as Chloe...

get it girl!

All the best wishes to you on your birthday week from all of us here.

Chloe Sevigny is my favorite. There is no better way to put it. All the starlets and it girls combined can't equal the pure magnetism of Chloe. If I sound like a sycophant, it is because I am. If I were to run into her, out there in the real world, I would probably frighten her. And as such, she stays in the realm of "amazing people I idolize and as such hope never to meet in person. Ever." When it comes to people I truly adore, in the "fanship" way of course, I curse the thought of ever interacting with them. I am not the girl who wants to wait in line at the press junket or get backstage at the show. I like to preserve my image of the idol, keeping it safe from the stain of reality. What if I met her and she was rude? or cold? or, ohgod, poorly dressed?? I don't think my fragile psyche could take it. Keep the stars in the sky, that's what I always say.

Ok so. My camera is on the fritz so bear with me for a few days while I get that sorted out. Speaking of, in the absence of a camera, I've realized how completely reliant I have become on taking photos of myself to determine how I actually look. Without one I am afloat in a sea of doubt...keep me in you prayers.

Here are the hot goods I am watching on ebay this week!!!

The drama of this vintage cape from SICKTHRIFT has seduced me. I need it.

Since everyone on earth must be tired of my one pair of tan campus boots...

I'm in the market for some black ones!

Sequined. Slouchy. Cardigan.

Since I am on a sequins roll...I love the comfort level of this!

ooooh hippie shirt!!!

(OK, vegans avert your eyes!!!)

Fur vest!! I have been looking for an amazing fur vest...I may have found it.


Don't forget to check out the auctions this week in the Magnolia Family Vintage shop!