this is about the human heart

Keith Olbermann speaks thoughts from my own mind! How weird is that.

WARNING: tears may follow the delivery of this touching and passionate speech.

Keith up there is now second in line behind Ira Glass for the crown of my heart. You know, should something happen to Dave ;)

Thanks Mr. Olbermann!!


That Austin Girl said...

Oh my God!!!! I love this man! Preach, Keith Olberman, preach!

Thanks so much for posting this, girl.

Also - UM - hope this doesn't sound creepy, but am obsessed with your daughter!! Oh she is so adorable!! You three make an awesome family.

Kim Grant said...

I held off watching this because he is usually all about yelling. This was really moving. I'm teary.

Jasmine said...

i'm pretty sure that Jesus is saddened by what California did last week. my Jesus wants me to love him and love others before i do anything else. it really bums me out how many so called Christ followers seem to have forgotten this.