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let's get laced.

So the thing is I know a lot of really, painfully stylish ladies. And not ladies who lunch... I mean thrift store hoarding, vintage obsessed, get it on the real and on the cheap ladies like myself. I consider myself supah DUPAH lucky in this regard because not only do I always feel supported (and un-embarassed if I happen to smell of mothballs occasionally, ahem) but constantly inspired! It's great to be inspired by blogs, magazines, celebrities and the like... but nothing is better than being inspired to your face, at the bar, in the street. It's helpful that you know it didn't require a glamsquad... well, it's helpful to me. I live in a happy-fun times dream world* where beauty and style can come from the creative soul and not from a titanic bank account!

That brings me to the new (hopefully) weekly blog feature I am going to call "Real Girl. Real Vintage. Real Style." Catchy, eh?

I think interviewing these kind of inspiring ladies is going to be a great addition to the blog! I am going to try and keep it diverse, but, at least to begin with, I'll be talking to my friends and there is just nothing you can do about it!! This is mostly for my benefit anyway. I spend a lot of time thinking "ohmygod how do you always look that awesome?" and this is a pseudo-legitimate and less awkward way of asking that question? Without further ado,

Real Girl. Real Vintage. Real Style.

So to kick this series off, I chose Austin's own Stephanie Fellebaum the proprietress of one of my favorite vintage shops EVER,

Laced With Romance.

herself ♥
photo credit Briana Purser

In the unlikely event you haven't already, please click on that above link and get ready to inhale sharply. Pure vintage style love! Stephanie's aesthetic take on vintage always calls to mind a dreamy fairytale, embedded in the dark and light of nature. Take a look at Laced with Romance styling...

photo credit Briana Purser for

photo credit Briana Purser for


Ooooooh, in store now! My birthday is coming up you know... in January.




Stephanie always has an amazing selection of gorgeous, on-trend, vintage, handmade, and hand-dyed pieces. She is always, herself, impeccably styled, and she just got hitched!! We were lucky enough to drive out to Marathon, TX, 6 hours west of Austin, and attend the intimate, spiritual, and touching wedding ceremony for Stephanie and her man. Stephanie's individuality and sparkling personality were all over the wedding weekend. A real sense of self AND community went in to their big day and it was magic!

the setting.

Picture 4
photo credit Felicia Graham

the bride.


photo credit Briana Purser

the love.

Picture 10
photo credit Felicia Graham

A few days after the wedding weekend had ended, and my west Texas high wore off a bit, I asked Stephanie to answer some questions about her style and her wedding. Peek behind the veil, so to speak...

1. You are a bargain-loving, vintage-hunting, thrift-store lover like myself! How often do you shop for yourself and what's your best "finding treasure" tip for beginners?
---I am always shopping, sometimes for myself and sometimes for the store, but primary both at the same time. Most people are surprised to find out that i really only keep less then 1% of what i find shopping. One of the reasons i first started Laced With Romance was to support my junkie-like thrift store shopping habits. Not kidding! I love the thrill of the hunt more then anything!!! I suggest if you are starting and don't want to spend alot of dough for your goods. Find your local thrift stores, pay attention to when they are putting out the fresh goods and go two or three times a week. Most thrift stores don't put fresh clothing out on the weekends, so its not the best time to find vintage tresures. Garage sales are prefect for finding vintage on the weekends. You can find amazing treasures for next to nothing. It's really fun and i have met some truly interesting folks going to GS. Golden Rule: Only buy what you can use at the moment. Meaning, if you come across that cool 70's polyester shirt and it's July and 110 degrees you probably don't need it and it will just end up taking up good space for something better that you can actually use.

2. What is your all-time, favorite, mind-blowing thrift store find?
My 1970s champagne silk chiffon, embroidered, mirrored floor length robe from India for $6.99 or my 1970s Ossie Clark gown from the Austin City Wide Garage Sale for $8.00.

3. Where do you find inspiration for your style and are there people/places/resources you always look to to find it?
---My inspiration is somewhat difficult to nail down, because it tend to be quite schizophrenic. One moment, i am inspired by the outrageously brave nature of drag queens and the next by the primitive nature of tribes people. Then i will try to figure out how to combine both of these ideas to create one story. My one rule of thumb is to never back myself into a corner. I want to keep myself open to constantly evolve and change. Never holding too tight to one concept or idea of who i am or what i want to create.
Online inspiration:

4. You can only wear one outfit all summer long because of some apocalyptic, fashion destroying event! What do you have on?
---Its an apocalyptic event, so i want to be comfortable, but still stylish! My favorite throw on and go ensemble: vintage 1980s Harley Davidson slouchy tee(which is on its last leg and very apocalyptic), my thrashes out Levi's cutoffs(also very apocalyptic), and my vintage 1970s brown/black western boots(which was a gift from my kindred spirit and which i will buried in one day)!!!

5. For your wedding, how did you go about putting together your bridal look? Describe for us how you managed to look so elegant, timeless, and romantic all at once?!
---Awwhhh Sarah! You just made me blush. I just let it sort of come together organically. I didn't really start shopping for the dress until 3 months prior to the wedding. I spent most of the time before that thinking about exactly what i wanted and did not want my dress to represent. I knew i wanted something simple, airy, bell sleeves, ethereal, silk, lace, vintage, 20s or older, romantic, and not too much like a costume. I wanted it to reflect a time of innocence and pure spirit...without looking like i was playing a part in a renaissance play. I wanted to feel natural and not forced. I didn't want it to overpower my sweet husband(which i see so often in in wedding dresses). In the end...i had chosen 5 dresses, but the combination of the early 1900s off white empire silk and hand made lace slip dress with 1970s cream bell sleeve floral lace robe won out. When it was all said it done.... i was absolutely thrilled with my choice! The jewelry was a collection of vintage Afghan and Indian pieces. I also borrowed a beautiful tiny cuff from my most cherished friend, that belonged to her since childhood. My flowers we're hand picked the afternoon of the wedding from The Gauge Gardens and arranged by another very special friend. The whole experience was full of pure love, light, blessings, and lots of unbelievable magic!

Like I said, it's a gift to know people who are inspiring you by being themselves. I don't ever want it to go unnoticed. Much love ♥


* Also, in my happy-fun times dream world there are no overdraft fees, thai food is the healthiest thing you can eat, and no one else in the world has curly hair but me...

the long and winding golden brick road...

Things keep moving right along over here in the Magnolia Family Manse...

You can now check out the amazing vintage and designer goods, all hand-picked by me for!

Picture 1

You can't lose when you have Gaultier AND Herve Leger to choose from. I'm serious, you can't... Try. I dare you. ;)

I have had a blast shopping and shooting with that gang and there is much more to come!! Keep your eyes open, as I know they'll be adding more this week.... Oh and in case your wondering, my heart's very favorite piece that I gave up just for BDVintage is this "Brody Denim Bustier."

Picture 4 Picture 2

Picture 3

I can't lie, I want to put it on and sing "Like A Virgin." The Glee version but yeah, it's a Madonna piece if I ever bought (and sold) one. So you know, buy it :)

As for my own pet project, the to be unveiled, I am slowly but surely progressing... I am in love with the stuff I have to sell though! Switching formats has proven to be a pain in my butt, however one I believe will work out better for us in the end. If I had known this is what I was going to end up doing I would have taken photography and web design as a wee child. Instead I am forced to rely on the help of others and that's not easy when you're a control freak... or so I hear, haha. Take a super sneak peek at pics I did with the lovely Kathleen for the web site....












and many, many more...

Honestly, I am super excited to launch my own little vintage niche in the world. It is going to come with a few surprises... Like a new blog!! Yes, I will be switching over in a few weeks to wordpress and hopefully a whole new level of nonsense blogging.

In the meantime, do us a favor! Roll on over to the Magnolia Family Vintage Facebook page and "like" us with all your heart. Then click the "Suggest to Friends" link on the left hand side of the page and tell someone else about us! I will admit, I have a pretty lofty goal for FB fans before the web site launches. There is a reason! Just the top secret kind...

Summertime Sistah Friends Garage Sale AGAIN! xo

ONCE AGAIN! Garage sale time friends...

You may be asking yourself why? Didn't you JUST have a garage sale? Why do you have so much junk, Sarah? Why are you obsessed with getting up so early on weekend mornings? Why are you so committed to bargain PROVIDING as well as bargain hunting?? And I tell you the answers are these- We moved to a smaller house since last garage sale, hence more stuff needs to GO! Our last two garage sales were thwarted by rain and road construction respectively. And of course, we as a group will take ANY and all excuses we can muster to mix up some mimosas. It's a good time had by all and I PROMISE there is gonna be some fun, useful, necessary, and just plain fun treasures for you.

What's new is the goods AND the location. I know you want to come down to South Congress Saturday morning and grab yourself some iced coffee at Jo's, then trek a short block up the hill and hit us up! Tell me you have a better idea! I dare you.

...crickets, whistling wind, etc....

I thought so.

(please don't mind the fact that I almost directly copy and pasted this from the entry I made about the LAST garage sale. *cough*)



some of the hippest, sweetest ladies in Austin (plus me) are hosting a good time garage sale this Saturday morning. Be there or be square. No ordinary group of garage sellers here, no sir. This is bound to be some good stuff and some great prices. I mean cheap. I mean garage sale!! We are throwing stuff into the sales pyre and you are GUARANTEED to find a treasure. Yeah, I said guaranteed... Beliiiieeeeve that.

Come get cheap and dirty with the coolest girls I know.

Saturday, June 5th

1405 Newton St.
Austin, TX 78704

8 AM sharp!


vintage clothes
not vintage clothes
and all other kinds of random goodies!!


see you there good lookin'


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