Ring a ding ding.

I am on a week or so long streak of wearing outfits I am not entirely sure I like. Honestly, maybe I have been putting too much thought into, over-analyzing, nit-picking, etc...But, I am iffy on most of the ensembles I worked up last week. It's never an immediate knowledge. Always I walk out of the house assured that I am pulled together effectively if not...remarkably. Slowly, past window reflections and what are most likely harmless strangers glances, I start to crumble a bit and doubt myself. Maybe I don't have taste? Maybe I have no idea what my limits are, fashion-wise? Maybe I am the laughingstock of Texas?? Nah, that last one isn't really an issue because last time I checked George W. Bush was still alive.

(side note: I learned how combine several photos into one image online this weekend!! This will hopefully help you not have to scroll through seven literal feet of screen to see my blog. I am only the last person I know to figure this out. It is amazing how accomplished I feel.)

On to some outfits...

The doubtful hipster.

For some reason whenever I don anything purchased at American Apparel, or anything in a stretch fabric I suppose, I become paralyzed with the belief that I am posing as a hipster. I know it takes more than this to accomplish hip-ness, but I live in fear. I mean, add the oh-so-kooky Native American Chief with crow on his head thrifted tee shirt and my neurosis increases...

This particular outfit is kind of a milestone for me, whether it fails or not, because I have spent most of my life trying to DOWNPLAY the lower half of my body. Fancy necklines!! Bright colors on top ONLY!! A-Line skirts or DEATH!!! To put on a skirt that tight and then neglect to cover my backside...it's quite the leap of faith for this girl.

skirt/dress-American Apparel many moons ago
Chief tee-shirt- Thrifted, no one remembers where...
grey coat- H&M winter 07

The Old Grey Mare

Wouldn't it be awesome if I could be bothered to iron that nice skirt?? It is a lovely piece that I bought, like lots of other girls, from H&M last year and then I...never wore it. Honestly, maybe once. When I raided the upstairs closet this week to get the long lost winter clothes out, I found it and was inspired. As you can see, I am not sure I have it mastered yet.

skirt- H&M
top-vintage, thrifted from Goodwill
shoes-Frye booties

And then there was this...

There is nothing inherently bad about this outfit. But, I became more and more bored by it as my day went on...I may even doze off typing this.

Sweater- Free People, Urban Outfitters

Ok so apart from my iffy fashion week, imagine my excitement when, while going through my daily blog reading, I found Ranna over at Only Shallow, one of the best in the blogosphere and a girl whose style I simply adore, wearing (and rocking) an amazing vintage dress she bought from my own Magnolia Family Vintage ebay store! Please go check out her blog for some real vintage style inspiration...


I always love to see someone in a dress or item they have bought from me. I love to know that someone else loves it as much as I did!! Obviously, she makes the dress shine and made me feel like a proud foster mama, watching my past charge go off and make it in the big time. Melodramatic attachment to vintage clothing: Check.

Speaking of Magnolia Family Vintage, ahem, we have some suhweeeet items in the store right now! Take a sneak peek...

Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

and that's not all!!

Ok, I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and please feel to now Bring on Christmas!! xoxo


Jasmine said...

finally. i'm on a real computer (instead of my phone) and i can leave a comment on this. i LOVE the doubtful hipster...you should too! i want to wear that outfit every day, and i want to steal that jacket from you now.

i really like the last one that you got bored in too. it's simple and flattering and cute and stylish.


misee said...

i was just reading that post on ranna's blog and was wondering if you knew it was there :]

also you are cute

javieth said...

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