This is my very own horn I am tooting.

(I've noticed that most of the time when a blogger takes several days off from writing they apologize promptly in their comeback post. I am not going to do this because something tells me you've been fine. I wouldn't presume to believe my little hiatus was decreasing your quality of life.)

Lookie here! I am in this months issue of RARE magazine here in Austin!


There is a photo to go with the article but I am not thrilled about it. The photographer was lovely, don't get me wrong. But I am squinting and I look...bloaty. No other way to describe it. If you're really curious, and vaguely familiar with the internet you can find it and observe. Otherwise,

Pretend this is the photo on the opposite page!!!

It's nice to have that kind of attention but the best part of that article was meeting the interviewer Tolly Moseley who has her own fabtastic Austin-centric blog, That Austin Girl. She was the first one I bounced the idea for THIS blog off of and she was so enthusiastic I basically ran home and got started. Not only is she adorable (like a pixie-esque Olsen twin without all the sullen) but hanging out with her (or, at least being interviewed by her) is like having your own personal cheerleader for an hour. She made me feel like a rock star! It made me think that there should be a service where you can hire someone to just hang out and be STOKED on you for the day. Positive energy escorts, so to speak.

Ok now, Thrifty thrifty goodness time.



Floral flirty skirt dress- thrifted, Goodwill
Woven vest- vintage, Feathers Vintage



(which eventually ended up like this...)


Floral baby doll dress- thrifted, Savers, Austin
Anne Taylor velveteen vest- Buffalo Exchange, Austin
Grandpa sweater- thrifted, Out of the Closet, Long Beach

um, thank you ma'am?

On a random, "I have never read the books I don't care about Twilight but WAIT" note...

How wonderful is she?? STYLE IDOL ALERT.

I don't know who she plays or what she does but I am going to be her next Halloween. Or tomorrow. I love it all, the shearling, the peacock feather, the fringe bangle!! Oh, and you can get a stand-up cut of her on ebay! I am not going to lie, I want one. My birthday is in January.

This next week looks to be uneventful in the days leading to Thanksgiving. Work to be done, clothes to be folded, thrifting to be done. My new thing is thrifting challenges. For instance, I am in lust and love with this outfit...


Say what you want about lilo, my girl looks fine. So my wish list for Decembers inevitable Christmas gatherings include a sequined mini dress, a cropped faux fur coat, and black platform pumps. Wish me luck!!

Last but not least for today, we put some RAD vintage goods up in the Magnolia Family Vintage shop this weekend, take a look...

IMG_4985 IMG_4951 IMG_4682 IMG_5299 IMG_4821 IMG_5258 IMG_5185 IMG_5074

keep it in the family!


Sara Millionaire said...

I really love that first floral dress you're wearing. You always look amazing though, so no surprise there. I wish I was a tenth as handy as you are at a thrift store!

Jasmine said...

ooooo! you're so big time bein in a magazine and all!

btw, i toooootally looked up the photo. you knew i would. ;)

Sarah D. said...

told you it was bad. IM SO PUFFY!

jaleh said...

i love your blog. i have to admit that i'm guilty of apologizing for my absence despite people probably having never noticed that i was gone in the first place. ah well ;p

you always look wonderful!

My Daily Vintage said...

you should check out this video,

it's the redhead from twilight talking about her fashion in the movie!

That Austin Girl said...

GIRL! Thanks so much for the love!! :) In all seriousness, the Olsens are two of my fashion IDOLS so that is high praise indeed. This is still one of my favorite interviews, and I'm so happy you got this blog going after our conversation!!

In other news, I am obsessed with grandpa cardigans right now. Like the one you're wearing in this post. Are you craving them as much as I am?