Things are happening.

Could everyone do me a favor and CALM. DOWN. with the Christmas stuff? Sheesh, let a girl eat some turkey bird and swallow a few whole deviled eggs before you wrap her in tinsel! I have love for the green and red holiday as much as the next girl but I like to take my festivities one at a time! 

That said, it has been a busy couple of days and I bring you a sampling of ways I walked out the house in my thrifty thrifty goods...

florals and leather.
(look I changed my shoes!)

I love my boots because the odd "higher on the inside" shape is flattering to my legs for some optical illusion reason. It's science, I don't understand it. The boots are Steve Madden, the dress is thrifted from Salvation Army, the jacket is the same jacket I have been wearing every day for a month now. It's satisfyingly cheap, this outfit.

things you put on in five minutes flat.
(I am trying to distract from my colorless face with a well placed scarf...)

I love a good sea of black on a day when getting out of bed was a struggle and makeup is the last possibility! Anthropologie dress from last year, gifted scarf, and Buffalo Exchange patent combat boots!! Hurrah!

I will not say Happy Thanksgiving to anyone until it is Thanksgiving. I am taking a stand.xo


My Daily Vintage said...

your 5-minute outfit is perfect! i love it. also, i hate anything xmas before thanksgiving, it's just too much.

Sarah D. said...

thanks hun!

ほし said...

AMEN. I'm sick of going into stores since freaking October and Christmas things are there. Why? What happened to Halloween? And Thanksgiving? Argh.

jaleh said...

you look wonderful in everything! i need to drop by more often, you have fabulous style.

i agree completely on the holidays thing. once i am done stuffing my face for thanksgiving, then and only then will i turn my attention to christmas

Sarah D. said...

God bless face stuffing!!

eva said...

happy thanksgiving! its thanksgiving now hehe... great outfit btw!!

Jasmine said...

you're soooo wrong about the holiday thing! bring on the christmas as soon as halloween is over! CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

merry christmas!

Ranna said...

Hey, I did buy the dress from you!
I really love it, it's one of the best-fitting vintage pieces I own. :)

I'm really sorry you had to go through all that trouble for my package. But I was really taken by how fast and professionally you handled the situation.
(I have no confidence towards the post office these days. I'm scared of how many of our Etsy orders are going to get lost in mail as well.)

Oh, and sure.
Link away, sweetheart!