light and leather

We're so, so excited this week to be getting ready for a photo shoot with 15 year old, Dallas based photographer Ann He. Her age is surprising but obviously unimportant because her photgraphy shows a maturity and understanding of light (especially) that is so impressive...










website for Ann He

The most challenging thing about working on a photo shoot/lookbook (for myself) is remaining true to your own aesthetic and style. There is so much style, photography, and fashion inspiration coming at us now on the millions of blogs, flickr, street style sites, etc that it can be hard to remain honest. And so much of what inspires me is right here in my town, on the streets, exploding out of my close friends... sometimes your vision gets cloudy and you forget yourself, confuse your brand... It is possible to lose yourself to what you believe is "happening." I am completely committed to making choices that are authentic to what I love about vintage and style in my heart! It's inspiration not imitation, k? I am lucky to be surrounded always by people pushing me in the direction of myself, my own voice, my eye, my choices, and that is amazing. I can only hope to be as positive an influence and challenge my friends the way they do for me!

Anyhow, wish us luck on our next creative venture and please go check out more of Ann's work on her web site. I am really glad to be working with such a talent at such a young age. The possibilities for this girl are obviously endless and something tells me I will be following her work and admiring it for a long time to come...


do right and kill everything.

***Prepare for unnecessary bragging***
***Prepare for painful facial expressions***

(see what I mean about the facial expressions? sheeesh)

Do you want to know something awesome? Guess how much this outfit cost? I dare you to guess. You know me, you know my game. I am a professional spendthrift, so to speak, so you're going to try to low ball on your answer but I still think you'll be amazed...


Duh duh duuuuuhhhhh

100% silk "pea pod" dress $1.25
printed blazer $1.25

southwestern rainbow conch belt $1.25

boots FREE (K, I traded for em but still, no cash traded hands)

oh AND


Anyhoo, just because I have been an absent blogger doesn't mean I have lost the knack. Noooo siiirreee. As a matter of fact I am ready to start blogging again for a couple of reasons. One large one being the support and kick in the pants from my brand-spanking new BIZNIZ partner, Mama Teal!!



In a stroke of genius I decided to end the constant fret-fest and waaaah party I was having about being a 100% solitary operation here at MFV and so I asked the one woman I spend all my time with anyway to join forces with me. Not only did she already know everything I was struggling with business-wise (because of all the waaaahhh I mentioned earlier) but she is gifted in all the ways I am not. All that organizational, financial, common sensical talent I lack, she actually possesses to spare so we make a pretty sweet team. She already has things under control. Things like receipts for tax time, budgets, timely communication with interested parties, and making sure there are tasty adult beverage at bizniz* meetings. Do you want to know the best thing about Teal-y? She is a convert. When we met she told me she didn't own a single item of vintage clothing and thrifting creeped her out. I know, you're shocked we're even friends. Luckily I can smell the gift inside people before they even know it's there. Take the girl to a couple treasure spots on the road and BAM! Now she's texting me photos of goods she finds out in the backwoods of Texas, wearing all the vintage ish we can supply, and spending her weekends with me slinging the finds on South Congress. WOOT. Did I mention she has DOS adorable six year old girls who happen to be all BFF with my adorable six year old girl?!


come ooooooooon! If you're not impressed by how set we are to take over the world with THAT little trio up there, you're meds are workin too well for your own good mang. Be afraid.

Another good reason to start blogging is just the fact that the bizniz and the web site are up and running nicely, thank you. You can find the sweet vintage we are slinging online obviously, at the web site AND on the street. We'll be selling on South Congress here in Austin as regularly as we possibly can, in the lot between Vespaio and Austin Art Glass. If you're skeptical let me assure you we always bring the good stuff and so do the other vendors in the lot. Honestly, the fact that I make it out with any of the cash left is a miracle. Christmas is right around the corner and of course you'll be on SoCo Christmas shopping (or pointing out things you want for Christmas to loved ones) anyway, so come say hi!! Really, we are suckers for some love so flash us a smile and a compliment, you'll probably walk away with a steeeeaaaal ;) We will absolutely be there this coming Saturday, November 20th and for First Thursday, December 2nd.

Did I mention we'll be bringing these bad boys?!

clearance y'all. dig for it.

Oh! And! Would you like to come shop some vintage while simultaneously meeting all of your favorite Austin bloggers, ice skating, drinking, and eating tasty delights from local vendors?! If the answer is no, please go away cause what is wrong with you?! If the answer is YES, come see us at this year's winter-time BLEET-UP! The effervescent Tolley of Austin Eavesdropper, Austin's favorite girl on the town, on the blog, on the job, is hosting this bad boy again, this time ON TOP OF WHOLE FOODS! December 3rd you can come see us at one of the seasons very best parties. Honestly, I cannot wait. Check the link for the details, hook up with the event on their Facebook page, get your skates shined, save your pocket money, and make a wishlist. We sincerely hope to see you there!!

There is no "official" poster yet so here is a picture of a puppy someone brought to the last Bleet-Up to tide you over...


Hmmm...other things you should know?

1. I finally had my hair did after a painfully long hiatus from maintenance.


Photo 22


Photo 24
still thrifting, still totally conceited about my hair... all is right with the world.

2. We just updated the web site! My favorite items in the shop right now?

vintage Harley Davidson tee

vintage 90's floral babydoll dress

insane! vintage jeweled mini-dress

purple guatemalan poncho

3. Our good friends over at Laced With Romance Vintage are not only just about ready to launch their promises-to-be-mindblowing web site but they now have a storefront at 1601 S. 1st St!!

the mistress of the shop herself

These people are gems in their own right but the STORE! My God the STORE! So much amazing treasure to be hunted here. Pleasestop by if you have not already. But DO NOT under any circumstances buy the studded, fringed, black suede vest... That's mine. Seriously, hands off.

Seacrest OUT