oops. In my toddler phase of blogging, I made some mistakes with my last entry and i am reposting it, as good as new. :)

bear with me. 

I want to go outside. I want to go outside so hard I am having spasms in my legs. But, of course, because Texas hates me and everything I want, it just started raining. I have had months of oppressive heat, hiding indoors and nursing chigger bites. I want to leap on every day in this wonderful in-between time. I don't often get excited by the outdoors, I am a city girl. And it seems like every time I do get all pumped on the fresh air...it gets less fresh. Or it just gets wet and I am still sitting inside on my couch sulking.

This weekend however I went waaaay outside my comfort zone when I attended my step-dad's birthday party at "the farm." Not only did I go to a farm, I wore pants to the farm. Topping it off was the mind bending torture I call "the first day of my period." I am not sure why I decided to try wearing the dreaded pants on the most bloated day of my life, but I am a sucker for punishment. The good news is that we had a blast and I wore head to toe thrift-store fashion.

Avery steals my thunder.

Pants-thrifted $4.99
Shirt- thrifted $2.99
Vest- thrifted $.99
Sandals-Buffalo Exchange

Those pants have been in my closet for months and I felt they deserved a shot. Now, I am still not sure why people think pants are so fantastic. When I sit down they pull down at the back, cut me in half across the bellybutton, and you can actually see the shape of my thighs! And when I eat, combined with the hormonal addition of 8 pounds liquid, I feel like I am being punched in the stomach by the waistband. Bottom line, pants are not for me. I will continue to experiment for the sake of cooler weather but I don't have great expectations.

I feel the need to purge the pants thing. Look at all this girly girl wonderment.
patti boyd is fierce

I feel better, don't you?

The best thing about the trip to the farm was that my little girl made me this amazing gift with her new beading kit!

fall fashion staple.
Photo 69

The light from my bedroom window makes me look transparent

So anyway, I know we all subscribe to the same blogs and fashion related media, meaning you may indeed get the same email updates from WhoWhatWearDaily that I do. I love it and I think they do a great job presenting an edited version of fashion moments, trends, and happenings. I got their email update this morning titled "Currently Channeling: Wayne's World." Here is the visual, try and spot the problem...


Loving the grunge look, loving the reference, the shredded leggings, and the WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD?? Who in their right mind would spend $276 on a pair of distressed denim shorts??? If this is not a typo I am going to throw up. Or better yet. Tell you what, I have a pair of denim shorts that look IDENTICAL to that. I stole them from my husband, cut them off myself, wore them until the holes sagged. I am going to get them out and scrawl ALEX WANG on the back in Sharpie marker and sell them in my ebay store for a starting bid of $199. Sound like a plan? Now, don't misunderstand me. I understand and accept the exorbitant cost of high fashion because it is immaculately made, from the finest fabrics, it is special and only in limited quantities. I do not have any problem with the price of couture gowns, or even Chloe motorcycle boots. But those are denim shorts with holes in them. I am baffled and on the verge of anger here. This is kind of the way I feel about the exorbitant amount of money professional athletes get paid to act like ten year olds. Neat, you can throw a ball well. Why do you need six million dollars a year for that? Neurosurgeons on the other hand, get paid all kinds of money because they are the elite few who can put a knife into your brain and actually extend your life. If you would gladly buy those shorts, this may not be the blog for you.

This weekend we also went thrifting, obviously. I scored these amazing vintage sunglasses ($1 each) at a junk sale on the side of the highway out in the country!


Speaking of sunglasses, the jewel encrusted frames that came down the runway at the Lanvin Spring 2009 show almost caused me to stop breathing. I don't see myself discussing fashion week, fashion shows, etc a whole lot in this blog because so many other blogs cover it, and well! But I am a complete whore for all things Lanvin, vintage AND new. This show was no exception and the accessories are especially stunning. I imagine Lanvin to be the fashion manifestation of the woman I want to be when I grow up. Lanvin defines elegance! Gah, I could gush for days. The perfect colors, the architectural stones and jewels like exotic building blocks, the immaculate draping. You know those little daydreams where you say "one day wen I am super rich, I am going to..."? Well most of mine involve wearing Lanvin. Here are my highlights, ans as much as I hate it, "Glamorous" by Fergie plays in my head while I look at these photos...

photos from modelcouture

I actually got a bunch of great CHEAP goods this weekend and you'll see them pop up enough in the future. My mom and I hit up Austin favorite Uncommon Objects on Friday to search for something to give my step-dad for his birthday. I love the atmosphere inside stores that are floor to ceiling odds and ends. I have a secret wish that one day when I am an eccentric elderly lady like Edie Beale I want my home to look like the inside of an antique shop.

see into my future.

Anyone visiting Austin should peek inside this shop! It is just decadent and filled to the brim with historic baubles and breakables. I don't recommend, say, taking your cranky four year old in for leisurely browsing? Meh.

seacrest OUT.


Jasmine said...

alright! i'm all caught up on your blog! i really love it, sarah. i'm glad you're doing it. it makes me really really wanna go shopping though!!!! like it hurts. i hurt. i am in physical pain. but - no money. none. so unless levi wants to buy me clothes instead of food to put in my mouth, no shopping for too long.

enough whining. now it's time for the lecture. i feel a pants lecture coming on, don't you? i know you expected it right???

lecture - pants rule #1: don't wear pants on your period unless they are period pants...as in they are pants that you only only only ever wear on your period so you have no idea how they fit you at other times. they must be comfortable, not pinching or tight, and flattering. period pants take a lot of work to find. in fact, all good pants take a lot of work to find. and a lot of times, a lot of money. as to your complaining about pants being uncomfortable - sarah, you wear ridiculously high shoes pretty much every day, and you're complaining about pants??!?! you look AMAZING in pants. please please embrace it, and wear them! they will get comfortable. maybe those pants were just a bad cut, comfort-wise. they looked good though!

sorry to lecture you, yet again, on the pants thing. i have no problem with you being a mostly skirts and dresses girl, well mostly just dresses actually, girl. however, i hate to see you rule out an entire class of clothing because you are not comfortable with them. you love clothes too much to rule out pants! just channel a little bit of katherine hepburn, and hop in a pair!!

i really wanna wear the dress on the stairway. SO PRETTY! okay, i'm going now. bye!

laura k said...

you look babelicious in that first outfit!

and i love the photos of the antique shop, very inspiring

That Austin Girl said...

You in pants!!

(I totally agree with Jasmine's thoughts about period pants, BTW.)

OMG don't you love Uncommon Objects? That and New Bohemia, yowza.

Also, your little girl is so incredibly precious. Just like her mommy!

Jasmine said...

also, forgot to mention that i'm super jealous of you, my mom, and ivy for the ability to find insanely cute things to wear at target!!! why can't i do this???

Anonymous said...

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