It's my blog and I will preach if I want to.

It's terrifying that so many people in this country misunderstand and miss the point of feminism. Sarah Palin is not a step forward for women. She will set us back farther than I think we can realize. We do not vote for the sake of electing a woman. I look forward to the day we put a competent, intelligent, progressive woman behind the podium. When will we stop insisting that women in power use the cliches of femininity to achieve power? We do not need a down home, just like us soccer mom in the white house. I for one would like to see a woman who is MORE than average in power.

No fashion today. I am too frightened.


Black Market Baby said...

Hear Hear!

Melissa said...

completely agree. it's very frightening. unknown future trumps fashion. :)

Jasmine said...

too bad i couldn't post the vagina picture here.