It's a trip.

Wow! I had a busy week. 

That's rare. For those who are interested, Sarah's days usually pass in a haze of repetitive tasks like...

*internet. post blogs, bulletins, ebay listings, ebay promotions, answer ebay questions, read blogs, watch dumb youtube videos, etc.
*measure vintage clothes, fold vintage clothes, try to make vintage clothes look decorative placed around house, try and hide vintage clothes.
*make pot of coffee
*put in laundry
*get distracted by random items in my home. "Has that ceramic owl always been here?" "Hm, I wonder how I should clean those antique doilies?" "I haven't looked through my circus freaks coffee table book in a while..."
*make pot of coffee
*respond to photographers asking me to work for free...say no politely. Wonder why I bother.
*examine pores in mirror
*realize laundry has been sitting wet in machine for hours and has probably mildewed, wash again.
*run in glorified pajamas to the corner for red bull. I have a caffeine issue.
*fold laundry. Place on bed where it can be conveniently thrown on floor at bedtime.
*try and get daughter to eat ANYTHING but cereal.

You get the gist.

On the good days I go thrifting, take my kid to Jamba Juice, and wait in line at the post office. Wondering why the postal workers hate me so much...

Sometimes I style photo shoots. It's not a bad life, just not particularly...interesting?

But this week I was lucky enough to go on a road trip with my mom. Our destination?

*drum roll*

No, my eyes are not open in this photo.
top, shoes, purse, and sweater THRIFTED. Boo yah!!

Boutique AND Bistro!!!

Marketing. Doin it's job.

Yes, that's right. The MECCA of all things little girl. They are not dolls, they are an empire. They are dolls with history and historically appropriate clothing. They are Swedish dolls, Hippie dolls, Colonial dolls, and dolls who look JUST LIKE YOU. These dolls have nicer bedrooms than you, more wardrobe options, shinier hair, and better attitudes. They solve mysteries, they save the environment, they ice skate, and they bake. I know that last one because we bought Kirstens baking set and baking outfit. Cupcake anyone?

I know this has little to do with vintage or thrifting...or anything that this blog pretends to be about, but bear with me. My mom has been waiting to take Avery (the kid) to the American Girl Place since the day she was born. Four years later we packed up the Highlander and drove to Dallas. If mom could have fit it into her schedule I am sure we would have made it to the three story flagship in Chicago. C'est la vie. Maybe next birthday.

The real achievement on this trip was me avoiding the giant GALLERIA across the parking lot from AGP. I mean, it's a giant mall. We picked up some Starbucks before the AGP opened and I just about fainted walking past these bad boys...


Tacky? THISCLOSE to stripper shoes? Yes. Look at me caring...

Then, to make the whole "not buying new things" even more painful I look across the aisle of the quiet morning mall and see


You know the scene in ELECTION when Reese Witherspoons character Tracy sees that the jock guy is going to run against her for president and you hear this shrieking, tribal screaming that signals the battle ahead?? It was kind of like that. I just kept thinking "no one will know. Just one dress. Just one pair of super hot, super uncomfortable, and cheaply made lace-up, oxford platforms..." But, I am strong. I thought of my kind friends reading this and their faith in me. I resisted. At least I am an equal opportunity fashion luster. You dont have to be quality to make me want you! That sounds...wrong, but I am going to let it stand.

In better news, my mom took us driving the lazy, crooked way home through some tiny Texas towns for some good old fashioned thrifting and antiquing. I must say, I scored!

But, if I showed you that now I would probably have nothing else to blog about for the rest of the week. Or two.

Oh, and I forgot to mention we went to the Texas State Fair. Only the biggest of all state fairs. If I had a snarkier blog going I could probably shut down your blog reader with posts about the kind of people you can observe at the fair. Not to mention the 1,100 pound pig names Boris. But instead I am the soft, fuzzy, lovin kinda blog.

Shameless "how cute is my kid?" pics ahead.
Scroll down QUICKLY to avoid.


ohmygoodness. where to start.

pose. obviously.

my mom in her natural state.

shovel cotton candy.

how dare he give it others!

Future Farmer of America

ah. before cow and pig become insults.

Avery: "geez mom. put some makeup on."

Me: "you first kid."

Someone's been to the MAC counter...

Aaaaaand enough of that. That is just about the most activity I have had in months. Thanks Mom!!

Now what....hmm. Did you want to talk about vintage or something? Oh, OK.

Lots of girls love vintage clothing. Lots of girls wear vintage clothing. But special few of us get really, really obsessed with high end vintage FROCKERY. Yeah, I made that word up. It applies. Want to know what my ten year goal is? I want to own a vintage boutique. But to be honest, there are plenty of awesome vintage boutiques out there. I have been to a few hundred of them. The good ones are immaculately maintained with well edited selections and decent prices. They have shiny mirrors and a good boot selection. Their dressing rooms are spacious and you don't need a jack to pry the item you want from the overstuffed racks. The shop girls say hello and are dressed enviously. The good ones don't feel like a garage sale. If you want a great example check out FEATHERS Vintage here in Austin. The bad ones? They are the opposite of what I wrote above.

So I don't want to own your basic awesome vintage boutique. I want to own a Vintage Fancy Frock Stop. I want to have my own little shop specializing in vintage party, cocktail, and event wear. Drowning in Tulle 1950's prom gowns, silky jersey draped gowns from the 1970's, and shiny brocade mini dresses from the 1960's. It will be the kind of place the discerning high school girl can come and find a homecoming dress. Or the kitschy bride can come for a drop waist beaded gown in not so white wedding cream. I want to have netted hats and long gloves and mile long lariats. So no vintage tees, no high waisted denim, no boots selection (Cause those stores already exist and are doing a lovely job of it!) All at nice, formal wear standard prices. I want to offer styling, makeup, hair, and special order services as well. Sound like fun? Let me know, would you shop there?

So in the meantime, I am quietly scouring the internet at all hours of the night for inspiration. And for fun.

If you're like me, and you love this end of the vintage spectrum, troll Vintageous for a while. You won't be disappointed. All high end and out of my price range it is still good times and hours whiled away...Some of the highlights from the first page!!

Paging Joan Holloway!


I love this so much it is giving me stress induced acne.


Too much ruffle is never enough.

So that is all I can stand tonight. There are hundreds more! So feast on that tonight.

and if you're not into browsing, cause you want to buy...Don't miss the new items up for sale in the Magnolia Family Vintage shop this week...



ほし said...

I need to know where those shoes are from, seriously.

And that picture were you're holding your girl in your arms, just love it!

TeeCee's Trifles said...

In eighth grade, before vintage was so widespread and socially acccepted, I read a little about buying vintage in my ym magazines (or seventeen, who knows) and concluded I was going to get a vintage dress for the eighth grade dance.

Unfortunately, eighth grade mentality stalled this idea because I had no idea where to start and because my cohorts thought that it'd be weird. I ended up getting something from a department store.

If I would have had a store like yours, i'd be in business. I'd still be wearing straight vintage dresses if I could find some to fit over my bosoms.

Also, that last dress, is my dream dress.

Sarah D. said...

That's awesome! I wish I had been cool enough to even WANT a vintage dress in 8th grade. There was one vintage store in town and my friends and I would go in to buy patches for our backpacks and ignore everything else. How sad.

I think girls need an alternative to the department store selections!! Regular girls, not the super hip, super in the know kind...they don't need my help :)

Coco said...

my best friend is a new auntie, and went shopping with her mom (the new grandma) this week. Girlfriend had to literally PRY her mother away from the American Girl dolls, explaining that a 3-week old baby won't know what to do with it for, oh, another 7 years.

and vintage frockery is a totally viable business plan! I'd shop there.

Brooke Alexandra said...

I also need to know where those shoes are. My life is incomplete without them.

kk said...

your daughter is totally adorable, and i love all those vintage dresses. i am totally pining here.

That Austin Girl said...

Sarah!! Your daughter could NOT be cuter. She blows Suri Cruise out of the water!

Also - I am in LOVE with your tucked in blouse / skirt / tights combos up top. Oh say I get to go thrifting with you someday.

PS - Next Monday, week from now - your story in Rare hits newsstands!!