Happy Falling.

Welcome to October friends.

Every blog I check recently seems to be peppered with joy about the "finally, it is upon us" autumn weather. Well I don't know how many of you live in TX but we are still lingering in the season of heat. God Bless it, the weather has calmed down from 99 to 89 degrees in the past two weeks but bangles are about as far as I can get into layering right now. But a girl can dream and I do! I am so pumped for the coming cool weather that I am currently in the process of raiding my own closet for fall fashion and playing dress up all by myself. After putting some outfits together in fall and winter themes for this blog, it has turned into a full blown obsession.  Everyone needs a hobby. And summer is lovely for so many reasons but I hate feeling stuck in "dress and platform sandals" mode for four whole months. It doesn't leave room for a whole lot of creativity.

I went digging around in the upstairs closets today, taking in all the neglected cashmere and wool. I was reminded how much I  love the transition period between all the seasons. I love the anticipation and the possibilities. Who doesn't?

In the abandoned coats closet I found a thrifted navy blue Ralph Lauren blazer that I had forgotten how much I love. So I put in on over a Target dress that was one of the two last brand new items of clothing I bought before starting this blog.

So I have been wearing the dress as is, and loving it...

(that little phantom in the foreground is my daughter)

I got crazy and added a skinny belt.
Dress- Target's GO line...by a designer? I should pay attention, I know.
Shoes- Thrifted, MARC by Marc Jacobs
Belt-thrifted, Salvation Army

Then came the blazer.


My enthusiasm for wearing scarves regularly in the near future only got more intense last night when my friend Dani, whom I mentioned in my last post, came by last night with an amazing box of goodies for me to keep! Finding amazing pieces in thrift stores is a rush but what is better than someone just HANDING things to you? Did I mention she is generous to a fault? She is always offering me things when I see her.

Awesome box of schwag.

Inside were bellydancing and yoga DVD'S, some great clutch purses and flower hair pieces, not mention


Vintage hats!
Photo 72
Photo 75

The most amazing jewel encrusted vintage 80's corset ever in the history.

I want to just staple it to the wall in the living room. It should be displayed. The best part is this morning it was sitting atop the box on my kitchen table and it created a disco ball effect, peppering my ceiling with sparkles!


Hey it's not Studio 54 but it is a lovely thing to wake up to!

The same day I bought the above dress at Target I picked up another dress from the same line. Let the record show it as the last full priced, new item to come home with me before I began to "live thriftily."

Practicing for future Christmas parties.
Dress- Target Go line
Ankle boots- Walmart
Belt- Vintage, thrifted from a charity shop
Necklace-vintage, Feathers Vintage in Austin, TX.

That dress is several inches shorter than I would normally wear but I stole a silk slip from underneath a Tracy Reese dress in my closet and BINGO. No more problem.

So, I was supposed to do my "guide to finding AND winning the best stuff on ebay." As it turns out I have to do real life stuff like picking up my kid and feeding her and bathing her. So that will have to wait! But I do have my eye on some great things. I'm in the market for an 89th pair of boots. I want brown stacked heel campus boots but I keep tabs on lots of styles. I am a vintage boot fetishist.

I am needing these.

and these.

Ooooh and these.

Last but not least, today I did casual dressing as best I possibly could. I do not have a gift for dressing down but I am working on it. I even wore my flip flops to the store. Liberating!

Leotard-vintage, thrifted from Goodwill
Skirt- American Apparel, at least 2 years ago
bag- handmade, a gift from my mom, bought at a fair trade market

Oh, and I have EBAY AUCTIONS ending tonight!! Plus some great classic vintage pieces added to the shop! Take a peek...

IMG_0881 IMG_0946 IMG_0671 IMG_0525 IMG_0421 IMG_0403 IMG_0302 IMG_0185

And that's not all. Go shopping! xo


jaleh said...

your blog is fantastic!
and that corset oh my godddd
that is seriously one of the most fabulous things i've ever seen

That Austin Girl said...

Ok, I LOVE your "dressed down" look with the leotard from Goodwill. (!)

Sarah, I have to ask: Where do you find your models? They are all so beautiful, yet unique and interesting-looking! I love them!

Crystal said...

I love your layering ideas for fall...I think I'll ransack my closet for ideas this weekend. And also? I'm going to hit the thrift stores to find some good belts. And also? They're having a Teen Witch sing-a-long at the Alamo Drafthouse this month! :)

ほし said...

Ugh, that first Target dress...so cute. Is the print flowers?

I totally should just add your blog to my RSS feed. Because I keep checking ALL THE TIME for updates. I'm a dork.

Michael said...

I feel like a sarcastic comment from Michael is WAY overdue. Is it still shopping thriftily if you buy three hundred pairs of thrift store boots?

It appears that I've been writing your email address for a year now with an h in it. Is it possible that I'm writing some other Sarah that ignores me??

Anyway, I dig your stuff and agree with the comments about the models.

Miss you lots.

Mat said...

crap. that corset is AMAZING.

Sarah D. said...

the models come from the internet model store! Kind of that is true. I usually find them on craigslist, or myspace, or model mayhem...

oh, and yes you should add me to your RSS feed! I just found out what an RSS feed is and got one, it is fantastic!! I don't know how I went this long without one!

le13anna said...

thought you would find this funny since you gave a shout out to street fashion blogs.........