Jordan loves Angela.

Photos Pierre Bailly

Sometimes I see an editorial so soft and inviting, so perfectly tailored to my own tastes that I spend months looking at it every single day. Reminding myself why I shun the contemporary edginess of bowed legs inside their lycra/cotton homes, slouchy v-necks, and menswear... It all has a place in the fashion spectrum, of course, and a place in my heart! But, I will probably spend the rest of my life getting dressed in the most feminine manner possible. Putting on a dress and shoes with a heel, wearing slips and lockets, enjoying the freedom of movement underneath a skirt, and emphasizing every last inch of the ratio between my measurements...the curve!! It doesn't have anything to do with weight. The linking of the words curve and weight is misleading. Miss Lily Cole is parading her own meandering femininity in the photos above! She goes out, she comes back in, she goes out again! Just like me, and you most likely. Although we aren't lucky enough to do it in those ensembles or under the forgiveness of a soft focus lense!

So today I got dressed in the best way I know how. I put on a vintage dress with a waist and a smattering of flowers.


Everyone needs a fall back look and this is mine. I don't believe in fall back careers but this is different. Sometimes you need to look good easy...cause it makes you feel good easy. I have been manipulating, abusing, and wearing thin the obvious combination of vintage dress + vintage boots for many, many years. Since way back when it was considered cool. An era that I think peaked in 2004? I blame Sienna Miller. I blame myself mostly though, because she moved on and I never will. Moving on is overrated. Find love and never move one, that's what I say.

Other news in "things I didn't buy new or pay much for either way."
dress as top-Target brand, THRIFTED
Skirt- American Apparel many many moons ago
shoes-Marc by Marc Jacob, Buffalo Exchange

The shoes only I love. Apparently.

Have you ever made a purchase you're OH SO EXCITED about and you run around town going "ooooh look what I found!!!" and the response you get is usually "oh?" Yeah, that's what happened with these shoes. I love them so much!! I love them so much I "hyperbole hyperbole hyperbole." I will spare you. No one else loves them with the same special intensity I do. But come on! They have SEQUINS! WEDGE HEELS! MARC! They were made for me, so I guess I am glad no one else loved them enough to snatch them up. And for $20 no less!

While I am on a rare streak of NOT crapping all over American Apparel, I pulled this random mustard yellow, cowl-neck top from the epicenter of cool out of my closet last week and...tried to make it happen.

Not so much.
Top- American Apparel
Skirt-American Apparel
low score for thrifting on this one

Slightly better. I may have to look grown up one day...
Shoes-Steve Madden

I wasn't thrilled by anything happening there. I sent it back. To the back of my closet, I mean.

I was however thrilled with my new POUFY JACKET from the ever generous Goodwill...

My apologies for the wonky colors on this last one!

Ooooh, I love the folds and the texture!!! I need more texture in my wardrobe. I also need a new place to self-photograph myself...or whatever. I have the most boring bedroom of all time. I mean the way it looks, of course.

OH, and Halloween is coming! I have almost decided on my costume..what do you think?


Or Rayanne?

If you never watched My So Called Life you should probably hurry up and do so. The moment when Jordan realizes he does love Angela and he takes her hand in the hallway. It's epic. Who is with me?



Black Market Baby said...

Oh I am so with you. I adore My So Called Life, I have seen every episode 1 million times (I own them all). My favorite moment is when Ricky and Delia Fisher both abandon all fear and dance crazy-like together at the 'Save the World' dance. Brings tears to my eyes every time, it does. Of course I'm a huge sucker for 'I'm-gonna-dance-my-own-way' sorts of movies (see: unhealthy relationship with Dirty Dancing).

Anyways, you should straighten your hair and be Angela. But be prepared for everyone not getting it. Best to practice the crossed-foot leaning and hair twirl. You must mix at least three clashing patterns. And the green backpack. =)

Love it! You must post pictures.

Rosie said...

Dress as Angela, she is one of the best characters ever written for television.

Jekkia said...

I thought I was her in highschool.
Loved that show.

Jasmine said...

you need to be angela. for sure. especially now that you've got red hair.

kk said...

you definitely look more like an angela, but rayanne was totally my girl. jesus, i love that show. and i am hanging on to my slouchy boots for dear life as well.

Charmaine said...

You have absolutely fabulous hair! I love the curls! You shouldn't cut your head off in your outfit pictures...just for the sake of the hair.

PS I want that blue dress in the top photo.