Never say winter...


I'm not going to lie. I get obsessed. 

A couple of posts ago when I was waxing poetic about making everything in my closet wearable for fall, I got a comment from Meghann about transitioning MAXI DRESSES for fall. Everyone was rocking long flowy maxi-length dresses this summer. 

Then fall comes in and again you have aahhhhmazing pieces in your closet that basically have to be put down. No one likes to put down a beloved pet...or dress. OK, that metaphor was a gigantic FAIL, but I am not perfect.

So the obsession kicked in pretty hard and fast when I started thinking about snatching up those discarded ankle grazing dresses from thrift stores and making them cool weather compatible. The plan isn't going exactly how I'd like because people aren't giving the dresses up quite that easily. My hunt continues. In the meantime here are some great inspiration photos to keep motivation high.

my favorite. love the belt.
natasha poly wears burberry cardigan and vintage dress belt and bag at maxmara
nicole richie benjamin sunglasses maxi dress leather jacket balenciaga bag

Note: NO baseball caps. unless you're playing baseball miss Miranda!

I think we can see that they key to making this look work is paying attention to color and proportion. Match the easy, slouchy feel of a summertime maxi dress with an easy, slouchy grandpa cardigan. Longer sweaters in not too bulky knits is pretty important. Or in the case of dressing it UP, like Uma, wear your high end luxurious maxi with a luxurious and full cut coat. Looks vintage inspired to me, it does.

It also seems to me that dresses in muted, soft, seasonally ambiguous tones work best for fall. Avoid neons, super super brights, and tropical prints. All the dresses above are soft, rich, feminine tones without being garish. Sometimes we get garish in the summer, you know? Pair neutral toned sweaters in khaki, black, and grey for the best results.

In honor of this idea, I gave in to the animalistic cry of and made a set...

An expensive, not vintage, light years from thrifted set...

HOLY CRAP GUYS. Polyvore is fun. I knew, I knew, I KNEW it would be a bad idea for me to join the site and that is why I held off for so long. I saw pretty sets posted all around the internet and still I resisted. What can I say? I may as well become a shut in now, because I could do that all day. It is like crack, right? Like crack without all the legal repercussions, sores, weight loss, and disintegrating relationships. LOVE.

Isn't if fun to read a blog by someone who catches on to things remarkably late?


Rosie said...

i love your comparison of polyvore to crack, its so true. how would a teeny person (who isn't as thin as nicole richie) pull off the maxi dress without looking stumpy? i feel the sweater/belt may just add to looking too short.

ほし said...

Haha, yes...Polyvore saved my life during several boring grad school classes.

I have a maxi dress I got for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I accidentally discovered a nice way to wear it for winter. I was trying on some recently acquired lace-up boots and I thought: well, if I ever live somewhere cold, I could wear this puppy with tights and boots. (Except I can't do that here because in PR we only have super hot and/or rainy weather. Woo.)

By the way, I don't know if I've commented on this before, but it's so comforting to see someone my age have a fashion blog! I was getting kind of embarrassed for being 25 and hanging out at 16-18 year olds blogs. I still like them, but I felt a little out of place!

Sarah D. said...

Rosie- I think as long as the dress is hemmed to an appropriate, aka not dragging on the ground, length, you're fine! I used to think that a maxi dress would make ME look stumpy and I am 5'9"! If you look up photos of Rachel Bilson, who is like 5'1" I think? She wore some great maxi dresses this summer and didn't look squat at all! Plus, some HIGH chunky platforms do WONDERS. :)

Meghann said...

Oh, thank you so much for posting pictures/your polyvore, Sarah!!

Rosie (if you check comments here-- for I agree with S.D. that LiveJournal is so much more efficient and comment-friendly...): I am about 5'2'' and I have honestly never had a problem with the LENGTH of maxidresses.

I actually (with no offense to taller girls) feel like my height is supremo-perfecto for them! The only thing is that sometimes I do have to get the straps fixed because I have little shoulders and don't want to show off side-boob. But cardigans help there, too!

Thanks again, Sarah!

Emily said...

what a great way to transition summery pieces into fall! love your blog, to trade links?