they say you're back but I never knew you left

if this is not the coolest girl you've seen today, I don't know what.


I got my first subscription to Seventeen magazine in the 4th grade. I believe the school year was 1990-91? (That's offhand because I boycott math and to count backwards from now, or the year I graduated high school for that matter, would be against my principles.) It may seem a little young to be devouring a teen magazine, especially since now I am pretty sure they cause brain damage. But this was the early 90's and teen-magazines were still semi-wholesome and more importantly my mom wasn't paying attention to the content. Ha! I was definitely an overly mature only child who fancied myself at home amidst an adults dinner party and as such I thought it was nothing BUT appropriate to be taking the "should we sleep together?" quiz at age 9. Seventeen thought we should wait by the way... which turned out to be true because Jason Priestley and I hadn't met yet... still haven't. Still waiting Jason!

To be honest I wasn't overly concerned with any of the school, dating, sex, friendship related contents because in 4th grade I was planning on becoming a fashion designer and I was only concerned with the FASHIONS (say this in zee accent of zee frrrranch photographair who shoots Kelly Taylor when she becomes zee model in Pareeeee) . I have VERY vivid memories of fashion spreads in Seventeen magazine (and Sassy and YM for that matter) and most of them, to my heart's discontent, are unavailable anywhere online. I have since lost my desire to design clothes but I still remember the way early 90's teen fashion made me feel...

It's no surprise to me that it is a full fledged revival of the 90's out there right now because it is still the fashion era that had the most influence on me. The mods! The floral! The plaid! The supermodels! The models-bodies-that-in-retrospect-look-bizarrely-healthy-and-fit! The mannish boots! The bustiers! I was in awe. I pushed it to the side for awhile, but I must admit, I still am.

gimme them bracelets







this picture makes me alternately happy and sad. what a gift to have a healthy, food-fed, natural body as an inspiration. what a curse that my daughter won't have the same.

teen fashion in the 90's was just fun. right? they look HAPPY.




sassy kelis comp









the 90's gave us a lot to be thankful for in fashion. the combination of florals and stripes for example.

(editors note: we do not condone the popularization of the beanie. at all. ever again.)

...and big-ass hair. damn I still love big-ass hair. thanks Cindy. Thanks 90's.





(editors note: like I said. beanies gross me out)









maybe the most epic 90's style shot yet. They ain't playin.

flash 3




seacrest out on Saturday night



Sayward Rebhal said...

not to get all 90210 police, but it was Donna who modeled in Paris. ;-)

this post is so much amazing!

Kristen said...

oh my god... these are amazing!! I too looked at seventeen WAY too early. I blame my sister, who was a couple years older. I'm pretty sure I HAD that Nikki & Krissy Taylor issue... I was obsessed with them!! In fact, I demanded everyone called me "Krissy"... something I couldn't shake til I graduated highschool.

Thanks for sharing! These are spectacular.

magnolia*mama said...

@Sayward YES!! You absolutely should be the 90210 police because that is SHAMEFUL that I confused the 2. Of course it was Donna because I now clearly remember thinking "WTF?" hahaha

thank you!!

@Kristen Krissy Taylor was my idol for a few years there. Such a tragic loss! I am glad you get as much out of these covers as I do!!

Taylor K said...

I miss those bodies and faces. RIP Krissy. Word. Yay huge hair. Yay hips and normal body fat percentages!

LaLa said...

eeeek underboob awesomeness!
Remind me why I don't leave the house looking like that again?

petitgateau said...

is that katherine heigl on the "schoolgirl cool" cover???

Bethany Kellen said...

i saw someone else commented before me, but i'm pretty sure this:
is katherine heigl

Linda said...


I completely had all of those issues. I had the cover with the Taylor sisters on my wall, and the one with Katherine Heigl in my notebook. I remember looking at the one of the girl in the bikini & thinking she had a PERFECT body.

Katie said...

Absolutely digging this post... I honestly remember the majority of these images as I looked at them myself in the magazines back in the day. I remember seeing that skirt made of ties and vowed to make one for myself. :) So sad that magazines these days are so vastly different.

Megan V said...

This is amazing!! I think most of these are just a couple years before I started reading "Teen" magazine. I think that was 1996. I wish I still had some of the issues because they would probably be SO good to look at now!! I actually had a TON of them saved for a really long time, but my mom eventually made me toss them all out while I was in college. Mannn.
Thanks for sharing these! Love that photo of Tyra and that chick (should I know her?) with the underboob shirt in public... hahaha. Priceless!