gonna make it through this year (if it kills me)

So I've been watching Lie to Me on Netflix streaming. I am learning a lot. This is like the bulimia after-school special of lying. As in, more of a how-to manual than the producers had in mind... maybe? I am learning a lot about lying! For example see this expression, my mouth turned up at the side ever so slightly? Yeah apparently that is contempt. I am not sure what I am contemptuous of in the moment of this picture but I really hope it's not my subconscious telling me my bright orange-red NARS matte lipstick is not working for me. I reeeeeaaally want it to.



what a super long intro to ask people if my lipstick is pretty yea?

moving on.

Do you remember the scene in High Fidelity when Charlie finally calls Rob back and she starts talking mad cliches about she is too young and single to have children, because kids are so "time-consuming" or something and he breaks the fourth wall to tell the audience IN SHOCK AND AWE that this is how she actually talks, as if "nobody ever had a conversation about having kids in the entire history of the world?" Do you remember that? That exact shock and awe is how I live, immersed, for the first half of every January while I listen to people talk about resolutions (what theirs are, why they're the worst idea ever, how quickly they were broken, how long theirs lasted last year, etc.) I am in shock because I can't believe I am the only person who tires of saying the same gotdamn things over and over (hearing 'em too.) I am in awe because there is something to respect when a person can get into the mindset that THIS YEAR IT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT... every single year... and truly believe! I certainly can't. I am the girl who went skiing once and had a bad time only to declare at that moment (and forever since) that I hate skiing. The nice way to put it is that I am not a dweller. I move on. (*cough*quitter*cough*)

So while yes, I do realize that 17 days into January I MYSELF AM TALKING ABOUT RESOLUTIONS (I blame you) the point is while they are neither good nor bad intrinsically, they don't often work, let's try something else! That is not to say I don't love, value, and respect the desire to change or improve. However, I do believe those ideals are hampered by the broadness, cliches, and time constraints of the "resolution" format. I want to better myself, do new things, and improve my life in all kinds of ways! My strategy to avoid the disappointing fate suffered by millions of resolvers each year is...

  • be specific.
  • avoid time limits based on the calendar year
  • reward myself HEAVILY for even the smallest steps taken ( heck I gave myself 2 cocktails for completing that last blog)
Wham AND bam, there you have it. My personalized method for diving into and conquering my 29th year. My GOALS (not the R word) are action based. Things I want to DO that I have never done. Things I want to try or learn because I will benefit from them in my heart, in my family, in my business, and in my mind. Its a pretty forthright, obvious concept. We all know it's a better idea to decide to train for a 5k than to just "lose weight." Let the outcome of your actions be the benefit you receive and let the challenge of your actions be the change.

My admittedly ambitious list of action goals for this year include...

  • Master 5 recipes- what can I say, the guilt I am carrying around from living the dream (aka my husband comes home from working all day and then makes me an awesome dinner while I get up to speed on the newest Netflix streaming options) means I will be a happier, emotionally liberated girl when I can throw something culinary down at least once or twice a week. PLUS, I need (like, neeeed) an excuse to buy and wear these adorable anthro aprons. I am hardly a domesticated kitchen-type wife but a little role play never hurt anyone and me putting on an apron + heels in the kitchen is almost the exact same thing as your unsuspecting suburban housewife putting on her leather chaps at night after the brood is asleep! Yeehaw! I have been poking around the internet trying to decide where to start ( the classics? asian fusion? no baking...) and I have to say I am leaning towards this insaaaane looking

    Baked Penne Pasta with Roasted Chicken in Tomato Cream Sauce

recipe at everday occasions
Healthy? not so much. No one ever had an erotic kitchen moment over grilled ahi.

  • DIY 5 things- no kidding I am doing a WHOLE new thing here. Don't be frightened. I am merely experimenting with my own pathos. Do I not do anything domestic because I really don't enjoy it? Or am I subconsciously frightened that I will suck at it? I have no idea. Granted option A is more likely because I rarely have any DESIRE to do these handy little crafts but recently with the exponential increase on the internet of DIY how-to's on projects that don't make me want to bite the head of a precious moments doll... there's no harm in trying! I have been scrolling through the crafters blogs of course, searching for the right beginners level projects to get started with. I have to be real, I would loooove to make/own one of these spiked vinyl hats I saw on Outsapop but realistically it is a little complicated for the inexperienced, ADD crafter. I think I may start with this little sock headband turban deal. What do you think? Suggestions? Good places to start? Should I just get a glue gun and start attaching paraphenalia that falls off my cheap jewelry to my shoes???

  • Take a road trip, alone- I have taken a lot of roadtrips with my family, with my friends... It is one of my greatest pleasures. The one thing I have never, ever done is a road trip all by myself. Not that I haven't ever driven myself anywhere, that would be ridiculous. But there is a difference between driving 14 hours as fast as you can to see family and actually being on the road. It's a different experience when you stop whenever you want, leave plans open ended, allow yourself to breathe, allow yourself to take a backroad or or the long route...My husband wants to do the same thing and we've agreed to accomodate each other. A beautiful part of a good relationship is when you can support each other in being alone for a bit. I am thinking of a weekend in Memphis or maybe Santa Fe! It will probably be spring before I decide to take off but I am so excited for this! I am a compulsive "from the front seat" photo taker so expect a whole lot of this action-

  • I want to redecorate/zen-out our bedroom. I have never been a big decorator but I think it's time to have a relaxing, serene, adult space. No more corkboard (yes, I am serious), beige sheets, and piles of shoes. I have already started by creating a little peace-nook on my bed side table, including lots of little items I love...










When I wake up these days and look beside me at my little joy collection it is calming and brings a little smile to my lips :)

The truth is I have at least 50 other things on the list for this year. Some of them will fall off the list as new, exciting things occur to me. But some of them will become a part of my life and build new parts of my identity. I want to continue learning the guitar, pursue other blog ideas that keep popping up inside my brain, listen to 100 new bands, take a vintage caravan on a festival circuit, read every word Erica Jong has ever written, and learn to take beautiful portraits of and for my friends/loves. And instead of approaching it like I must do X to be amazing/attractive /successful I am entering into a contract with myself to say I am amazing/attractive/successful so I will do X (and x and x and x), for who could resist it! ;)


thanks so much to anyone who read this ♥
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Bethany Kellen said...

i think your lipstick looks lovely on you!
and i either don't give a rats ass about resolutions, or i actually try them. i haven't made any specifics this year other than to be happy with myself. and for once, things seem feasible.
this road trip alone sounds wonderful. that's on my goals of things to do eventually

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo good thinking! You are amazing!!! Diy projects are awesome, you should buy a glue gun and some metal flake.. get your gold on!! I can't wait to see your projects and please share some of the 100 new bands with us!! Road to Cali!!!!

Linda said...

Love it love it love it!!!

It's strange - I used to make resolutions, until last year. Riki Rachtman (yeah, the past-his-prime 80's host of MTV's Headbangers Ball) tweeted that instead of vague resolutions, he was going to make a list of 35 SPECIFIC things to do in 2010.

I made that list, and I managed to accomplish 19 things on that list! They were things I could check off, like "Spend at least one night with my toes in the sand, listening to waves coming in" or "Perform karaoke at least once". It's a great feeling to check those things off one by one.

Best of luck with your list! I LOVE the items you chose!

magnolia*mama said...

glad to hear that everyone is on board to eradicate the pressure of resolutions!!

@linda WOWZA that's amazing that you got to 19!! And who knew Riki was handing out that kind of wisdom, I love it!

Anonymous said...

love the lipstick! i'm not a big resolutions person, jan 1 isn't too big of a deal for me, so i totally get what you are saying! for cooking i HIGHLY recommend a Cooks Illustrated subscription, their recipes are really tested, so they almost always turn out well. for DIY, have you seen love Maegan's blog? http://www.lovemaegan.com/ i'm kind of a DIY freak, and i really like what she does.

- bea

Kristen said...

oh my gosh, I love your "peace nook." Such a beautiful collection of items. Where'd you get those little log planters?

Cynthia said...


magnolia*mama said...

@kristen I got them on south congress at a little pop-up booth! The guy didn't have a sign or anything, just a table and some weee little cactuses. I am so obsessed with them. I talk to them all the time like a loon. :)

LiberatED said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this and admire your rejection of yearly 'resolutions'!

carrie said...

i just discovered your blog!! love finding austin bloggers, and i noticed you wanted to master some dishes, and this website,, has the MOST amazing looking food in the world. good luck; i'll be reading!


Austin Eavesdropper said...


Oh my God. So much.

Your resolution post is inspiring (and so is that NARS lipstick on your face). Erica Jong, word. Learning to cook 5 things, WORD. So true about grilled ahi and the like NOT being born from a place of culinary eroticism ... hahaha.

I am curious dollface, what are your other blog ideas? Actually -- think before you answer that. You know I'll most likely badger you into doing ALL of them.

(PS, got your beautiful Tiffany D artwork, going UP. PPS, let's talk more about organized, glorious Rock N' Swap 2011. When you come home. IF YOU COME HOME. Release your warm, tantalizing grip on her, California!!!!)

Violet Folklore said...

These photos are gorgeous. Holy shit, there's a Sartorialist book.

Go girl! It is very good to give ourselves goals. It works. It keeps us young. Keeps our brains elastic. I am 29 too (for another week) and i feel like I want to start the ball rolling on constant growth and expansion now before I'm suddenly old and dull. You know?

Kennedy said...

so i've been reading back entries in your blog for the past two hours and ive found myself nodding in agreement at pretty much everything you post. also theres the face that EVERYTHING on your site is amazing and your family is adorable and basically im just really into you and your blog now!