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* warning:
the following post gets mushy and may include TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Please feel free to skip it if you are related to me or naturally cynical *

Happy Valentine's Day


It may be late in the oh so romantical day but a.) I have a window while my man goes to the grocery store (for the ingredients to make me turkey enchiladas and fetch me my diet coke no less!) b.) I was inspired by the lovey-doveyness I just peeped over at Austin Eavesdropper c.) I had some woodchuck granny smith apple hard cider so I am buzzed. Buzzed Sarah is a mushy, wordy Sarah and d.) even though I thought we were skipping gifts this year, I got a lovely little wind chime, a new rug, and a pretty bracelet for my romantic troubles today and ALAS (cause I thought we were SKIPPING GIFTS THIS YEAR) I had nothing to offer in return to my love. Sigh, what's a girl in this modern age to do? Write a blog obviously, and dedicate it to a thoughtful, generous, goofy, imperfect, and accepting of all my imperfection MAN.


I don't usually get to fired up about Valentine's Day because, honestly, my husband is weirdly sweet and romantic to me all other 364 days of the year. I only say "weirdly" because I cannot think of any reason I deserve to be treated so well and I am constantly trying to figure out what his "game" is. Me prodding him to find out what he is "up to" is not his favorite thing, as he insists it is because he finds me irresistible and he loves me deeply. As always the cautious and wary traveler through life, it hasn't been easy to buy... that he could just treat me this way because he WANTS TO, but who am I to say? I am going with it now and it's not always a smooth ride but it is always rewarding.


I love you for a lot of reasons, not the least of which are...
  • on our second date you told me you thought my toes were sexy
  • you surprised me while we were dating long-distance by growing a beard, because you know I think they're sessy


  • you love watching awful movies more than good ones, just like I do.
  • you promised to always be in charge of cleaning the tub drain, even though it is mostly my hair that clogs it


  • you tolerate hours of thrifting and treasure hunting, patiently and with enough enthusiasm to make me feel like you're NOT exhausted and bored
  • you know what hair product I use and can find it all by yourself in the shop


  • you're a patient and gratuitous with praise guitar teacher
  • you'll make me the same dish for dinner 5 nights in a row if I want it, even when you don't
  • you come home from work and prepare dinner! It's a fantasy I live in...


  • you never, ever stop encouraging me in my business/passion, even when it means you have to carry the financial burdens of our family by yourself sometimes (it won't always be this way and your faith in that is remarkable)
  • you think it's cute that I can't remember the lyrics to any songs... ever. And that I choose to sing them anyway
  • you never leave me alone. Washing dishes or in my "pirate pants" (haaaa) or un-showered for three days you always come after me, which never fails to make me feel like a sex bomb!


  • you proposed to me in an alley while I clutched a bottle of booze in a brown paper bag (New Year's Eve y'all!), and it was magical because you were the one asking
  • you know when I need a diet coke, a red bull, or a cocktail (or any combination of those three)


  • you are naturally a better parent than I will ever learn to be. you showed up on day one ready (or faking it remarkably) to be super-dad to my baby girl. your compassion, patience, enthusiasm, and natural love for her has proven your heart over and over again. you haven't let us down for one damn day baby.


my best and my favorite, for all that and more I am saying thank you and I love you on this commercially approved commemorative day. And all the other days from now until forever ♥


seacrest out


Austin Eavesdropper said...

Great. Now *I* just fell in love with your husband too! Just kidding (not really).

Sarah I'm dying!!!! Just when I thought I had reached my peak of Magnolia Family blog love with that Seventeen magazine post ... you come along with THIS. The reasons and the little stories, all those pictures. What a hands-down beautiful couple.

And hey mama, I know you got into this blogging game cuz a the fashions ... but you're a good writer, too. Just sayin'.

Squeeze your man, your Avery, and yourself for me!!! xoxoxoxox


Anonymous said...

too sweet..gotta love the mushy mush..

bonfire of my vanity said...

now that right there is some good shit. hope you guys had a great day. my partner is always pulling the no gift shit exactly like that. sneaky bastards.
and um, could you be any more bad ass in that picture with the big sunglasses and the bangs? i'm feel very sorry for myself that i can't have your hair style.

Bethany Kellen said...

this was so cute i literally puked.
maybe not literally. but this was so cute, and i hope one day to find even half of this.

magnolia*mama said...

thanks guysssss :) I totally made the husband tear up, shhh don't tell anyone k?

@bethany haaa, don't worry I almost puked writing it. it's that saccharin I know.

rachel goldstar said...

aww...tears in my eyes. this is lovely, sarah! it also sounds familiar! yay! we are some lucky ladies.

Cassie said...

So sweet <3 I wish my hubby could grow a beard lol

stellarize said...

so sweet :)

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

My heart just melted... <3 I am speechless!

magnolia*mama said...

thank you to everyone who read this and enjoyed it! I don't get too tender like this often so it's nice to know it is appreciated! xoxo

Sofi Stellar said...

Awww!! This is just SO romantic and sweet! I love it! My bf knows what hair product I use and can find it in the store, hehe, and has been known to make me turkey enchiladas on occasion!

Hope you enjoyed your valentine's day!

Sadie Rose said...

oh my god, this is amazing. i've never seen your blog before! how is this possible!?