True Confessions.

Here it comes.

So now that I have been open with you all, I feel I can move on...

So on my current agenda, besides the eternal bathing suit hunt, I am busy digging around the internet and the city for summer time appropriate "easy wear." I guess "easy wear" is my own specific euphemism for what others may refer to as "casual wear" (ew.) or "leisure wear" (EW.) I have been evaluating the hot weather ready components in my wardrobe, and for the first time in a long time, I think I may need an overhaul. See, I have A LOT of nice dresses. Since doing a little inventory last week, bringing summer dresses out from their half a year hiatus in the closets upstairs I am actually a little shocked at myself. Not even I realized how many frocks I own. The problem is they are all too nice. As I find myself getting busier and busier, working more, playing hard with an increasingly energetic kid, and having less and less time for getting all prettified in the morning... I am going to need some easier options. Hence, "easy wear."

Please don't get me wrong. I do not see a future for myself in denim cut offs and tee shirts. At least not out and about. I just want to focus on adding dresses (and skirts!)  to my wardrobe that are easy to wear, free fitting, loose, made of non-synthetic materials, and travel well.  The heat and humidity here in Austin are no joke. I have spent too much time sweating through polyester and really wishing my waistlines were less constricting while I am beating the heat with gallons of ice tea (or, you know, strawberry margaritas.) This is not entirely new territory for me, but it is a new focus. 

Needless to say I have already found some great stuff online. So this is a feature I will from hence forth be calling

I've got my eye on you.

On ebay, I have done a lot of searches for "vintage mini caftan," "vintage tent dress," and "vintage free fit dress." I know a lot of people ( my own husband included) don't dig the rather shapeless, possibly even sack dress, look implied by my searches. But I think with the right styling it really can be pretty adorable. And remember, you're not under any obligation to look sexy all the damn time. You can like what you're wearing, feel good in it, and be comfortable, even if it doesn't make anyone want to sleep with you. True story. 

These first two finds double as my official endorsement of the HoneyChild Vintage ebay boutique. So much psychadelic, floral, hippie goodness happening there. It is a little disorienting, what with all the eye-catching vintage knick-knacks and furniture behind the clothes in the photos, but they have a great, covetable selection. And look at all that freee shipping!

Ooooh, I dig this print and it looks like it already has tickets to the summer festivals...

I am actually in love with this print. I want to spoon with it.

Picnik collage

Somewhat unfortunately, Mama Stone Vintage seems to have cornered the market on really cute, vintage, free-fit dresses that are un-matronly. I like perusing her shop for inspirational purposed but can rarely afford to buy anything when the bid prices SKYROCKET at the last minute. It never hurts to have ideas in your head when you hit the pavement though!

I'll be on the lookout for throw-it-on style dresses...

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Moving on to Etsy, I am in love with a whole bunch of items in the SheHeartsVintage shop. I sometimes forget that Etsy can be a great resource! The only problem is that a lot of sellers tend to price themselves right out of my life! I understand setting prices is tricky, but come on. I am now a bonafide cheapskate. I am pissed at Goodwill for upping their prices ($9 a dress!! EGAD!!) I have to reeeeaaallly love a little cotton sack dress to pay $40 for it. A lot.

Still, I love these pieces (maybe) enough. I may just have a girl-crush on the model though. That often clouds my mind.


I also have my eye on this item over at the TractorDog etsy shop..

Picnik collage

It looks like my "easy wear" focus drifts a bit as I browse. I never fail to stumble into the territory of giant sleeves and polyester... which will not serve me well in July.

So before I go I wanted to tell you guys about my latest thrifting obsession, which is vintage nighties! I won't post too many photos because, come on, they're lingerie, this is a family show. I have 5 or 6 really fantastic nighties from the 50's and 60's hanging in my closet now. I love how it feels to go to bed in something that may as well be a party dress. It feels so much more dignified than falling asleep in whatever sweaty tee-shirt I worked out in...

So Betty Draper!
Picnik collage

And yes, I do wear heels to bed. Night, night.

p.s. Avery wants you to know something very special.


muzzleloader said...

I must say.. I am PROUD of your video blog video. You made a mistake, but at least you can admit when you've done wrong. Hahahah. I love so many of those dresses. DAMN YOU. I will go thrifting in rural pennsylvania next week, at least. I hope to find something similar to all of them.

Carissa said...

I also have a love affair with vintage nighties. Etsy is so addicting it's like online thrifting except a little pricier. The video of your darling daughter is so precious!

brandi milne said...

Shut the hell up, I love those dresses.