Just Keep Swimming...


Just keep swimming is my motto this week. I like to dig deep. Finding Nemoooooooo. When I worked at Starbucks, years ago, when things would get insanely busy the way they can in the worlds most popular yuppie cafe, my co-workers and I would sometimes spontaneously break into the Finding Nemo tune. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." It is silly but effective and sometimes the only way to break the hate spell that the service industry casts on its minions. You gotta laugh not to cry right? So the problem with the treading water metaphor is that when you stop treading water in the deep blue ocean you drown. There has to be an end, an other side, you may even just call it "land." In reality, the metaphor fails because life never actually stops coming at you. We are always treading water and we continue to do so. No land in sight. I guess the key is to get really, really strong legs and lungs. Learn to enjoy treading water. It burns, but if you're lucky you can get to the hurts so good frame of mind. So for the moment, life is busy and my head is barely above water. The good news is this will always be true.


You're going to be so impressed. Are you ready for this transition? I started with a water theme (up there!) and now I am going to talk about finding swim wear. Smoooooth. The consensus from the all important internet community and my own feelings have come together on the bathing suit issue. I will be buying one vintage and/or thrifted bathing suit and one new bathing suit for the summer season. Now, I don't know about you but I divide swim wear into really specific categories which is why I cannot just buy one. I have the bathing suit for swimming and the bathing suit for looking adorable. They are worn for different occasions and for different locations. This serves as further proof that I can over-think ANYTHING.  I have actually already purchased one bathing suit (the experience itself will be video blogged for maximum effect) which falls into the "getting sun" category. Yeah, ok, I should just call it the "tanning" category because that's what it's for. I prefer "getting sun" because it sounds healthier. Like I am really out there oiling up to get a healthy vitamin D injection and NOT because deep inside me lives a Laguna Hills cast member who was raised in Orange County and recoils at the sight of a pasty, tan-line free body. The good news is I have FINALLY sworn off tanning beds. I am not proud of it, but I was for years a devotee of the faux tan. It may be a few years before I can give up the tan thing completely but please give me some credit for at least going outside to do it now? Eh? Anyhow, the tanning bathing suit doesn't actually count. I never plan on wearing it anywhere but the pool in my cul de sac. It is essentially style free and serves only the purpose of revealing a lot of flesh to the suns rays.

I feel like I am blogging about a drug addiction here. Should I be this ashamed of wanting to be tan?
Feel free to vote.


So I think I am this obsessive about swimsuit seasons for abnormal reasons. I am not panicked about my abs, my butt, my cellulite, blah blaaah blaaaaahhhhhhh *passes out from boredom* Actually, I just can't stand to make any style choice without hours of deliberation. I mean, bathing suits are not hard to come by at all. They actually attack you when you walk through a department store. All those straps and beaded strings and brass rings getting caught on your purse hardware and hair while you try to make it across the room. Is that just me? Very possible. I regularly get caught on doorknobs. The point is I am a card carrying attention seeker and since I don't have a bangin beach body to command attention, I have in recent years made it a point to be creative with my by-the-water looks. Last year I think I reached my OVERDRESSED peak at the local YMCA. A large, kid friendly, cement complex with water falls and water toys and gads of harried mommies in tankinis and tee-shirts. We only went a few times last year but I very clearly remember rolling up in a vintage halter one-piece bathing suit, high waisted skirt and wedge platforms. My giant hop earrings, purposefully decorative head scarf and vintage mexican straw tote completed the ensemble. I have never gotten more baffled or hostile looks in one place. Quite the achievement in my warped mind.


I feel like it is important to highlight what kind of swim suit I would buy if my year long pledge, money, and figure were all non-issues. In that dream world I would buy one color of almost every Norma Kamali bathing suit ever.


And, these would both look AWFUL on me but one of you ladies needs step up to the plate.

Picnik collage
girl need to eat a sanwich though... just sayin'.

Now, actual possibilities fall beneath the $350 dollar mark, unlike the swimsuits above. I definitely want a vintage reproduction style suit and I have narrowed it down to a few from the iconic Esther Williams swim wear line. 

ooohhh pretty.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Love, right?

Esther Williams suits available online at Esther Williams web site as well as MyBabyJo.com

As far as an actual vintage swimsuit I am partial to browsing the selection on ebay every week, waiting for the ideal choice. There are some AHMAZING pieces that pop up every once in awhile. No all of them are practical, not all of them are cost effective and very few of them would slide over my baby making hips. Here are a few that have caught me eye... I hope one of you gets your hands on one!!

Sheesh, I mean it's GOLD! This one ends in mere hours, hop on it!

Picnik collage
Find the auction HERE.

I love the sexy tomboy vibe of this striped number.

Find the Auction HERE.

It's got FRINGE! And it's puke green. Awesome.

Picnik collage
Find the auction HERE.


Find the Auction HERE.

This is just, ridiculous. Adorable on 15 levels. No arguments.

Picnik collage DSC03282
Find the auction HERE.

Gidget-esque. Love the detail on the top!

Picnik collage
Find the auction HERE.

This is sweet as pie. Congrats on that body too, girl. Monokini lines are flattering. Who knew?

Find the auction HERE.

I am partial to the micro-mini dress as bathing suit vibe.

Picnik collage
Find the auction HERE.

Oh that was fun. I am getting increasingly excited about the arrival of actual summer and not this faux summer that we are in here in Austin. I have already spent several hours at the neighborhood pool with my neighbors, my kids, and my neighbors kids. It is so leisurely and gossipy when we are out there I am thinking of pitching my own series "The Real Housewives of Austin, TX." It would work if any of us were actual housewives, had plastic surgery, or were horrible people. While I am working on correcting all that, I plan on growing my hair ridiculously long and taking lots of photos of Avery in her ITTY BITTY toddler bikini. You may have to avert your eyes though, cute that hard will cause illness. I know, I've seen it happen.

Happy Swimming guys! xo


Tiffany Diane said...

I just love that first Kamali suit too much. Also, love that ruffled vintage one! I DOUBT I could ever even dream to pull that off though. I wish, but I can't.

Please tell me you are woman enough to don something like that out around Austin pools and lakes and I will follow suit.

Lovin' your blog B T Dubs. Austin needs more fashionistas like yourself.

bonjouritsjinah said...

Loved everything in this post. I can't wait to see the video recap post!

Sarah D. said...

Thanks guys!!! :)

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

amazing options. loving the blog.


Anonymous said...

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