So much to love.


I very much disappeared from the internet for the last ten days or so. I abandoned all the various web sites I frequent in favor of the most stressful and hectic week(ish) I have experienced in recent history. In the end, as in today, everything is coming up roses and I am breathing easily but it was hard going for awhile there. 

Last week my husband had knee surgery that left him incapacitated, on the couch, in pain, etc. I had my in-laws in town to help, thank goodness. They took the burden of parenthood almost entirely off of us for a week so we could sort through recovery, pain pills, bandages, and the like. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Every married girl should be as lucky as I am, to have very kind, helpful, and available in-laws.

Here we are enjoying the Texas food and sunshine before all the nasty surgery mess.
(Avery seems to be throwing some sort of gang sign? Hm.)

To make a difficult week just a smidge more intense, I got hired last minute (as in a weeks notice) to style for great photographer, Tommy Chung, up in Houston on a three day, marathon test shoot for Page Parkes Agency. 13 models, 4 looks a piece, and all the humidity you can shake a stick at!  I was so eager to participate that I essentially said yes before considering the time crunch, house guests, surgery, and travel arrangements. I barely slept last week and gave myself spasms with the stress of getting everything ready, but it was OK, because over the weekend I got to be on my feet for 14 hour days and get EVEN LESS sleep. Ha!  I am not complaining though, I swear. I am truly exhausted but I got to work with such a great team and so many great models. It was a dream gig for me. I still can't believe I get paid for this. I managed to snap a few behind the scenes photos but my camera battery died fairly early on in the weekend. Hopefully soon I will be able to show a sample of the shots we came out with over the whole weekend. My portfolio runneth over! 

the portable closet. 

the super glamorous storage space for extra shoes and bags.

I loved this hair. It's got a remains of the day vibe... but futuristic hahaha

This is a long 1950's formal skirt that I attacked with safety pins. I wouldn't use a bubble skirt in a fashion story, but for this weekends purposes it worked quite well!


I love fake wind. It's better than a spray tan for the sexy factor.


Look! I got a real live Barbie doll to play with!




I have no recollection of such down time occurring. Neither do my feet.

Ahhh! Clip showing! Kind of a party foul... at a photo shoot.



I love this dress. I resisted the temptation to put it on every girl.
Picnik collage

Models own shoes. Unfortunately. She is lucky they didn't get "lost" while she was shooting.

Obligatory water bottle model shot.

Here are some examples of Tommy Chung's amazing work. Please note these are NOT styled by me, they are just examples I pulled from his web site because they're lovely.


He has the COVER and a fashion spread in the summer issue of BOHO magazine, so keep your eyes open. I got a sneak peek and it is beautiful.

So, for the last little while my ebay store has been suffering in abandonment. Poor thing. I hope you'll be happy to know that she will be back up and running in the next couple of days. I am determined! I have so much work to do right now it is starting to feel like I have a real job. Ack! I have several photo shoots on my calendar, LOTS AND LOTS of amazing vintage to part with, and tons of great thrifted finds I still haven't gotten around to bragging about here! Talk to you soon.


Tim said...

The styling is AWESOME!

Sarah D. said...

thank yoooouuuu tim :)

Oranges And Apples said...

ohh, shiny shiny shiny! love the outfits you chose and the photos are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

besides all the other eye candy in this post I could talk about... you are eating lunch in a forest?!

im perplexed.

Anonymous said...

love your blog! and i love the pic of the portable closet... i want to dive in!

allison said...

I think living one year purchasing only vintage goods is an amazing idea. Nothing excites me more than stepping into a thrift store, or an ebay store for that matter. However, on ebay I get cash back from which makes living on a budget easier.

frances said...

your trip sounded amazing!! i can't wait to take some of those ebay goods off your hands!! haha.

Anonymous said...