For real.


Ahahaha, I am so enamored of the "1960's effect" I just discovered on Late the game as usual. I suppose this could have been used to better ends on a picture of me in a pretty vintage dress but I defy all expectations. And, I didn't think of that before I started typing. So anyhow...

I made a video blog!

A few things I would like to note...

1. I am mortified by my egregious use of "Ummm..." in this video. I had no idea.
2. Learning how to edit video is low on my priority list. It could happen, but don't count on it.
3. You are definitely hearing Britney in the background.

And that is that. Hope you liked it. Or at the least, did not HATE it. I am easy to please that way.

In the spirit of getting back on track, here are some recent outfits that have made it out into the light of day...

The skirt that won't quit.

Picnik collage

100% thrifted outfits

Picnik collage

The hippie inside.

Picnik collage

To be honest lately I have been hating self-photography. I think the extra time spent analyzing myself, my body, my hair, the way my face looks from different angles... It has been disconcerting. But I think it is important. For someone like me who is so prone to self-censorship and constant self-evaluation, I feel like it is an exercise in acceptance. Not every photo I take is flattering and not every outfit I wear is good. I am all kinds of mess some days and I have to look at that fact on the little lcd screen. In order to get out of the house, I have to move past whatever disappointment befalls me in those images. I very literally have to say to myself (some times in the mirror for added angst) "it is OK that you don't look good today. People like you anyway." I mean, honestly, how tragic can one woman be? The good new is my daughter tells me how beautiful I look almost every day. She says "Oooooh mommy you look pretty." And every time she does I get a little closer to believing it.



Anonymous said...

Those shoes in the fifth outfit are AMAZING!

Annie said...

Once again, I am astounded at the amazingness of your wardrobe. I'm a bit on the fence as to what a bathing suit should be considered, but I did enjoy the video blog and hope to see more!

owl eyes said...

so, as always. i love your outfits. i have not been able to comment at all. but i read all your posts and get so excited to see them in my google reader. i don't know if you get page view counts for that, but you should. i'd loooove to know how much you saved, because i also have a shopping problem. i also have a problem with looking through clothes at thrift stores. so you could also do a post about that! how to find gems in thrift stores! i'd love that.

also. loved the video. keep it going :D

Anonymous said...

I vote for more video blogs! It is great to see you talk and hear your voice for those of us who haven't seen you in AGES. You are fabulous!

Sayward Rebhal said...

Hey Lady! I'm one of the ones who agreed to take the challenge with you, and I'm still going strong. I've really decided to make this a lifestyle - a permanent change, and I love it. I treasure all of my clothes so much more now, and appreciate that I won't see anyone who looks like me. I wrote a bit about my fashion philosophy on my new blog, here:

I like the video blog! About the bathing suit - I say give it a good solid effort to find a secondhand suit. If it simply can't be done, let yourself get a new one and don't feel guilty about it.

Love your posts, keep 'em coming!

stellarize said...

you are adorable! i think you should post some video blogs every now and then. its cool. as for the bathing suit issue. i personally would buy new, but i also havent ever bought a used bathing suit before. i suppose it would be whatever you feel most comfortable with. im not going to hold it against you haha and i hope no one else would either.

bonjouritsjinah said...

I loved the video blog post! I'm so impressed that you've made it halfway through the year. I wish I had that resolve. Maybe I'll have to try this as my spending is out of control too. Keep it up lady!

Melissa said...

i also vote for more video blogs! good stuff.

tiffers said...

my god girl you are so internet big sister ever