Likes and Dislikes.

 You know what I like about Dita VonTeese? 

One word: Commitment.

Everyone else looks like a sweaty kindergartener at Coachella and she remains STRONG in her image. I mean, to not let it go, not one bit, in bllllazing heat and dust clouds? That is what I call being invested. I love it. 

Dita at Coachella 2008

Dita At Coachelle 2008

Say what you will, she is unforgettable.

Do you know what I hate though? When something shockingly relevant to my tastes/interests/life completely escapes me. I blame you. I mean, NO ONE out there in the internet OR the real life world bothered to mention to me that one of my favorite models, Karen Elson, who is married to one of my favorite men, Jack White, just happens to have OPENED AN AMAZING VINTAGE STORE IN NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE!! How did the cosmos see fit to let that bit of information get by me?? The only reason I know now is that I was drawn to flipping through BLACKBOOK magazine in Barnes and Noble a few days ago. I was morbidly intrigued by the awful styling of Nicole Richie hinted to on the cover. Seriously, you couldn't make Nicole less recognizable with 80 pounds and a career. Still, somehow I stumbled upon the article inside that blew my mind.

Karen! (And the other chick who opened the store with her apparently.)

I sense a summer pilgrimage to Nashville in my future. Don't you??


ほし said...

Dita Von Teese is awesome. The women always looks poised and put together.

Before I forget, I got the package! It got to PR when I was away in Boston and I took it with me to New the book, but I love the shirt even more...seriously, it's pretty much one of my favorite pieces ever.

Kim Grant said...

Dita AND Karen? Shamwow.