Dress your head.

I've been in a stale frame of mind lately. I don't enjoy the stagnation. I believe it was sparked by a distaste for a lot of current fashion, a feeling of left-outness... emphasized by the now tedious avoidance of new clothes, amazing spring shoes I cannot buy, and the disturbing temptation of pants in this my 27th year. This condition, as it were, has resulted in too many late hours spent flipping through old magazines and frantically click-clicking through internet communities and fashion web sites. The end result is an overwhelming dump of "favorited" street style photos, bookmarked shops, and editorial eye candy. I would say instead of inspiring myself I have instigated a frenzy in my right brain. A cyclone whirling at such high speeds that I have almost shut down. This style non-functioning phase came to a head yesterday when after showering I decided to see what would happen if  I put no hair product in before blow-drying. You can tell the rest of the story to yourself. 

I may spend the next week dumping things from my frenzied hunt here. 

Spring has sprung and the wind is blowing in Texas. It feels amazing. I don't know how to describe it but I have never felt wind like this anywhere else. The sun has lent itself to lovely turning-your-face up moments and accompanying panic attacks about my legs and the dwindling self-tanner supply in my bathroom. Maybe I have seasonal anxiety disorder that manifests as style indecision and body insecurity.

Nevermind, did I mention I am scattered these days? I declare it,

Pretty Picture Monday...

*photos from Muse #13 by Hans Beurer

Every day should be pretty picture day. I don't usually find myself tempted to DIY anything... at all. But the above photo shoot makes me want to make my own floral, fabric headdress. Honestly though, I recently came across more than one crafty Do-It-Yourself project I may be in the mood to take on. I promise to tell you about it all in the near future...



Jasmine said...

verrrry pretty pictures. i love that girl's face (not sure if they're 2 different girls; if they are, i'm referring to the freckled one). she's so pretty.

Sal said...

I've heard a lot of people express similar sentiments - a combination of overwhelmed and uninspired. Must be something in the air ...

kri$tin said...

Just found your blog today and I love it already! I especially know what you mean about the "overwhelming dump of 'favorited' street style photos, bookmarked shops and editorial eye candy." I am the same way! Also, you should check out all the DIY articles on fashionista.com, if you haven't already! I am sure you already go to the site but just in case you don't!