Happy Birthday to ME!

*painted fabric piece, "birthday girl" by Elizabeth Poole

I woke up this morning in my late twenties. I woke up to several lovely birthday text messages, voicemails, and facebook alerts. Sometimes I feel like I live off the grid a bit and it was good to realize how many people I adore haven't forgotten about me out here in the badlands of...Austin. Ha!

The good news is that I am really positive when it comes to age-ing. It's been awhile since I felt truly sad when the clock ticked another year gone by. I have this funny feeling in my belly that I am going to hit my real stride in my thirties. I look forward to being that age because the women I look up to are in their thirties. The women I find really sexy are in their thirties. Most of them women who are doing things I envy are in their thirties (hello Chloe is in her thirties!!!) I see this year, and the next two, as building blocks on my way to the jelly filling. Mixed Metaphors anyone? I have pretty ambitious plans over the next little while in a very conceptual way. I am pestered lately by the feeling that there is very little between my self and the extraordinary. I just need to spend some time finding out what the obstacles really are. Before I get too esoteric on you I want to say that I am working on a great big, epic post for a day or two from now. I was planning on churning it out tonight but heck, IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY! I decided to opt out of the butt on couch routine and hang around with my family. I even did the unthinkable! I went out in JEANS (gasp!) and FLIP-FLOPS (horror!)

The Dark Side

Flattering? No. But worth posting just because I recently THRIFTED that awesome Cosby/grandpa sweater. I may built a fort inside it and live there, I love it so hard.

I will be honest now and say that I don't have much else to say. Here is an outfit I wore recently...

What is going on with my face on the left? Anyone?
Picnik collage

My hair was in full blown Warrant groupie mode that night. Aaaaand, what would it be without the THRIFTED treasure that is my perfect eighties Miami Vice blazer. I love that blazer.

So I have a some AMAZING things I can't wait to write about next week. I have done some serious thrifting and can't wait to show it off. I also have a guest blogger lined up! Oooooh snap. But I will leave you today with the polaroid from my actual birthday, January 10th, 1982, found over at Photo for the Day. Go find yours!




ほし said...

A very happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Your hair is seriously what dreams are made of.

Sarah D. said...

Thank you guys!!!

TeeCee's Trifles said...

Girl, its about time to use this blog for good. Write it off on your tax forms or something....HAIR VIDEO! NOW!

I finally got a diffuser and good product. But I'm lazy and always fall back on the go-to: scrunching.

you're my role model-don't let me down!

Sal said...

Happy birthday, my gorgeous fellow Capricorn! Please take photos of the Cosby sweater fort to share.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and i LOVE it! Happy Birthday!

Sarah D. said...

aw thank you jenelle. That is so sweet. :)

Jasmine said...

you are very wrong when you said your jeans and flip flop combo weren't flattering. very wrong. the outfit was very flattering. you look cute and skinny. so shut your mouth!

Camnista said...

Happy Birthday!
Loveee the outfit with the grey boots.
And I must say as I was looking at them, I was like "her hair looks great!!", but for me, i love big hair. :P