So much to love.

In honor of my 27th year in the world, I did what anyone would do to celebrate a milestone! I made a list. Ok, only a certain type of person does that. The word self-involved comes to mind. But honestly, making a list of 27 things I love at age 27 was really, really challenging for me. It is so difficult not to obsess over what you're leaving out, what each item says about you, and what the order of the items says about you. 

Please! Please, please do not read this list as my favorites or any kind of desert island compilation. I worked really hard to make it NOT THAT. I focused on writing things down as they occurred to me. I wanted to take a snapshot, not write a definition of myself. Hopefully next year at this time I will write a list of 28 more things I love. When I have done that every year to the end of my life, I may have made a rough estimation of my interests in list form. Until then, take it for what it is!...

27 things I love at age 27


Feminine, fun fashion from down under. Makes me want to put bunny ears on. The "playsuit" or "romper" may never be mainstream again but I want one of theirs in my closet just in case...


This line improved my skin in days. I love the products, the smell, the smoooooth skin.


Surreal photography that makes my mind wobble just enough.


I am launching an "Ira Glass IS the sexiest man alive" campaign. Look out for it.


Why can't American playboy use the kind of girls that the french version does? One more on the checklist of reasons to move abroad...


OK, you can put this one on the "favorites" list. AND the desert island list.


Alien-esque model rises to mainstream fashion fame and then marries coveted rock star on a river in the amazon. That's what fairy tales should sound like.


Tawdry and never apologetic. That is the way I like my TV.

I may as well have paid rent here when I lived in Long Beach.


I don't think any physical attribute communicates as much as hair. Put it out there!


Outfits my right arm wouldn't fit in. I love them anyway.


Read it all. Every last word.

Underrated mod queen. Love love love her in "To Sir With Love".


Tons of fun baubles with character and all made by a lovely lady.


Favorite movie I saw in the theatre 2008.

16. LULA



Specialty- Stark, unsettling photos of beautiful children.


The cult icon, the mysterious death, the legend! Not to mention the stunning backdrop and charming rooms. Tidbit: The woman who runs it with her husband was on the cover of Elle France once!


Music that has carried me through so many phases of my life. Lyrically heart wrenching. Remind me to tell you about my drunken monologue to Jason at the first show I saw him play...

20. Dolly

Not just a kitschy figurehead. One of the best songwriters of the last century.


Some of my favorite people and memories. I miss you guys!

glamourai_new yorker

Style for days on this girl. She gets dressed for real.

Ghostland Observatory Live at the Fonda

Favorite live act of the year! I dare you not to dance with these guys on. I DARE YOU.


Filmmakers and instant obsessions. Check out the web site!

Quirky girl makes heartfelt melodies without any bells and whistles. I can't hear three seconds of "wildflower" without it getting stuck in my head for days.

26. Gummo

You love it or you sit baffled and nauseous. There really is no middle ground.


Reminds me of lullabies and love.

Here is to finding more things to love every single day! xo


taylor said...

OMG, you watch skins too? It's seriously my new favorite show. It's so clever, interesting and keeps me on my toes.

Brooke Alexandra said...

happy birthday, I love your list! I turned 24 today, I think I am going to steal your idea...with credit of course :)

Sal said...

What a fantastic, diverse, and joyful list of loves. Happy birthday from a fellow Capricorn!

Sarah D. said...

Thanks guys! Steal away brooke :)

Kim Grant said...

The GOE loves and misses you and your family, too!

petitgateau said...

the guy in the last picture... second from right looks exactly like my brother in law. so weird!!! and happy birthday!!!! <3

My Daily Vintage said...

cute idea! i want to see let the right one in so badly ... it wasn't playing anywhere near me =(

garconniere said...

that is such a great idea/post!
i've never seen that photo of dolly, it is amazing.

happy birthday!