Our First Blog Sale!


So here is the thing. I have A LOT of stuff in the upstairs "inventory closet." I have been hoarding and collecting and snatching up VINTAGE odds and ends for a long time now. It's compulsive. I have enough stuff now to admit, even to myself, that I have too much stuff. By stuff I mean awesome little odds and ends from bygone eras. I don't know how to classify it, in its breadth of time and object, except as "stuff." I am not lying when I say I love it all. I do! I never pick up anything on my expeditions that I don't ooh and aahh (or at least coo) over. I just don't need it all, can't store it all in an organized manner, don't have the time or energy to list it all on ebay, and certainly cannot bring myself to donate it away anonymously. How could I?

I am working now on getting the Magnolia Family Vintage ebay store back up and running. I expect it to hit sometime next week. I say that like it is a missile, honing in on you. Maybe it is. While I have been going through the clothing, looking for models, picking up new stuff to sell, it occurred to me that it is time to start anew, in a sense. I have let the closet and the shop become poorly edited and sloppy. The pile I have amassed over time has become an obstacle. Things get lost in the drawers, items that need attention and repair get neglected, and things I should have sold long ago get forgotten on their hangers. So, this blog sale is the first of many steps to clearing out and getting new perspective on the "Magnolia Family Vintage collection."

On a side note, to anyone reading this who may be IN AUSTIN (locals only!)...

I want to have a yard sale! A big ol' cleansing ritual of house and home! I am looking for a partner in this venture because, well, I don't have a yard. If you, or someone you know, have any interest in co-hosting a big "get rid of stuff in a community friendly way" event, please let me know. I am looking to sell vintage, new clothes, formal gowns, albums, shoes, books, baby clothes, toys, and brick-a-brack. I'd love to find a sale-friendly location and another person or family unit to collaborate with. I'd appreciate any help and any ideas on this matter. I am honest, friendly, clean, and I would be happy to bring a cooler of refreshments to you. Inquire within.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...


So, as for the sale, I have listed below several items I am willing to part with. I have given a short description of each item and I guarantee that every item in this sale is VINTAGE. Who knows how this will go, it is completely experimental for me. There are more items ready to sell, I am just waiting to see how this goes!

  • I'd love to hear feedback and to know if this is a selling format I should pursue occasionally. Or not.
  • There are more photos of each item included in a FLICKR SET.
  • My pricing is not arbitrary, there is a system. I am not looking for best offers or to trade. I tried to make sure I was staying in the low end of the price spectrum on all the items.
  • I have no idea how long I will leave this up for. If it goes alright, maybe a few days. If it does not seem to be working I guess I will leave it up for less time, ha. Point being, if you want it, please go ahead and buy it or you may miss out!

PAYMENT-I put the price of the item ABOVE the photo of the item. If you want to purchase said item, please EMAIL ME at


If you are the first person to email me then the item is yours. When you receive an email response you can send payment to my Paypal account and the sale will be confirmed. Please include your name, address, ITEM NAME and shipping preference (see below) in your email to me. If you happen to live here in Austin and want to buy something, I'd be happy to accept cash, you just have to come to my home.

SHIPPING- Anywhere in the United States, I can ship your item Priority Mail for $4.99 or regular mail for $2.99. I will ship promptly.

QUESTIONS- Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions!

On to the sale...

"Sailor Moon" 1980's earrings $5.00

Painted metal with tiny rhinestones. Approx 1.5" top to bottom.

"Pearls Before Swine" 1970's mirrored-back necklace charm $7.00

Approx 2" top to bottom, mother of pearl, slightly heavy, ornate frame, and the back is a mirror! See photo.

"Amber Preserves" 1970's Pin $7.00

Approx 1.5" side to side.

"Sally Sells" Charm, decade unknown $7.00

Kookiest little item award goes to!! Check out the tiny little hand dangling there...
Shell is Approx 2" long.

"Benjamin Button" Pin $4.00

Approx 2" long

"Fringe Benefits" 1970's poncho $18

One Size Fits Most. Dress form is size Medium.

"Eye Full" 1970's pendant necklace $9.00

Actual magnifying glass! See photo for length.

"Gold Leaf" earrings, decade unknown. $5.00


"Debutante" 1950's necklace $9.00


"Bow-tie" 1980's necklace $9.00


"Blue Blood" 1970's long necklace $9.00

Flapper Style, heavy plastic beads.

"Statesman" 1960's Charm Bracelet $7.00

Oregon, California, Utah, Texas, Virgina, Italy.
Plus one charm that says "Gamble and Weep, Don't and Sleep"

"Sagittarius" 1970's necklace $9.00


"Bermuda Triangle" 1970's earrings $5.00


"Three Points West" 1970's necklace $7.00


"Flower Power" 1960's bracelet $10.00

Hard to explain, this bracelet accordions in and out. Opens to allow your wrist and then closes in around it. So beautiful, photos do not do it justice!

"Hoot" 1970's necklace $7.00


"Chain Gang" long necklace $9.00

One of my best estate sale finds! Truly better in person.

"Op Art" 1960's necklace $ 9.00


"Floral Arrangement" 1960's Handmade Apron $11.00

Perfect Condition!

"Spray Paint and Hair Spray" 1980's leather purse $18.00

Original tags, genuine leather, zipper closure.

"Layer Cake" 1970's large black bead, tiered necklace $9.00


"Madonna" 1980's multi-layered necklace $7.00

"Watercolor" 1960's handmade apron $10.00

Tie in the back shows some wear.

"Pushing Daisies" 1960's handmade apron $10.00


The Vogue Sewing Book 1975 $9.00

Good condition, not perfect. Book cover is worn at edges.

Some sample pages...

Oh God my hands! My eyes! I can't do anymore tonight.

I will list the rest this weekend. Belts, shoes, more jewelry, lots of vintage purses. Hope you enjoy browsing if nothing else. If your friends would enjoy browsing as much as you do, please let them know on my behalf! Til then xo


Linda said...

I LOVED looking through this! I think it's a great method of selling. Although nothing in this one piqued my interest, I can't wait to see what else comes up!

Linda said...

I LOVED looking through this! I think it's a great method of selling. Although nothing in this one piqued my interest, I can't wait to see what else comes up!

Ashley Jean said...

i love pretty much everyyything! can't wait to see what else you are posting! i think this is a great forum to post things that you want to sale quickly! I love ebay but i feel like this is a bit more convenient for everyone involved ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm really excited that you've decided to put stuff up for sale on your blog! i suck at ebay and always forget to follow up on items but i read your blog pretty regularly :)

Jasmine said...

oooo! stuff's selling like hotcakes! you JUST posted this. that's awesome! people better get on it if they want anything....

Coco said...

i would love to buy the points west necklace and shell pin with hand charm!

a said...

Not going to lie, I feel like the blue poncho is calling out to me, but it would probably just sit in my closet, woe :(

Sarah D. said...


Thanks Linda!

Ashley this has been QUITE easy, and I am glad I tried it :)

my-emergency you just need some ebay practice. I used to lose all the time too. Then I became obssessive haha. I don't recommend that.

jasmine- lol. thanks for being my does it suck proofreader.

coco- email me hun! I don't know how to send it to you or where your payment would come from if you don't!

a- do it do it do it do it!!! haha, what did you think I would say :)