Love and Power.


Isn't it what we all dream about? 

This picture is so adorable I am having trouble catching my breath. Like when the wind blows so hard. The dress! The presidential blazer tossed over the shoulders like prom night! The smirk! The awkward men trying not to look! I will stop here but what an enchanted week. I congratulate you all! Good work America.

Now, I am not going to lie. I took a little break from blogging this week because I had a friend in town (my very first friend to come visit me in Austin!) and a major case of fashion apathy. It happens. I have had big ole grown up issues weighing on my mind for awhile. Sometimes I have to push the reset button. When responsibility, stress, and motherhood collide like comets...well, the laundry lies in piles and my camera runs out of batteries for days at a time. I did manage to capture one or two moments while Jocelyn was in town...


AND! I want to throw out a CONGRATULATIONS to Jocelyn, one of my best friends and the very FIRST Magnolia Family Vintage model for getting her very first modeling contract with Otto Models!! I am super proud of her! Being good looking takes work people. And so does not sucking in front of the camera.

yay! git it gurl.

One completely stress free event I can report on was a gem of an estate sale I hit up last weekend. I can honestly say that estate sales cause an adrenaline rush for me which must be comparable to what sky divers achieve. I just LOVE raiding a poor, dead, strangers home. I like to think that if anything I am going to cherish and respect items I find the way their original owners would appreciate. I am there to find a pirate. I am a vintage pirate? Oh, that is a terribly lame thing to say. I found a box full of goodies to sell (my girth is your luck in the form of beautiful yet tiny vintage dresses) and a piece or two for my own collection!

the box of goods. arrrgh I'm a pirate.
Picnik collage

The most amazing vintage ring! ever.

The first photo shows the ring open, the back side of the painting is a mirror. I suspect this is for lipstick...or blow. Depending on your taste. I love this ring! More to come in the form of sales soon.

Speaking of, the Magnolia Family Vintage shop, in case you haven't noticed, has been on hiatus since just before Christmas. It happens. One of the perks of working for yourself is that you can stop sometimes. I am working on getting it back up and running and I have some Ahhhhmazing items to sell. In the meantime, I am going to have a special BLOG SALE this week in an attempt to make some cash before my trip to California in February. I know a lot of people who can't be bothered to "fight" for something on ebay, and I understand that. So if that is you, or someone you know, keep your eyes on this blog this week. I am going to throw up some really fun vintage items at SET PRICES for anyone who'd like to have them. I will only be accepting Paypal...unless you're my personal friend. I have so, so , so much stuff in the inventory closet right now, I'd like to flush it out a bit. Mostly I am going to have super low prices on vintage jewelry, purses, knick knacks, etc. And some great clothing. I expect to put it up on Wednesday and would love for you guys (who read this) to help me promote the sale. What do you say??



mesh and lace said...

Love love LOVE your friends outfit and look!!! And that Obama photo is so amazing!

Sarah D. said...

why thank you. I will take credit since I dressed her for that photo. :)

Bea said...

That is one of my favorite photos of Barack and Michelle, it's so nice to have a prez and first lady who actually like each other :) That ring is so gorgeous, and I anxiously await your blog sale ;)

ほし said...

Guh, I love the Obamas. Seriously, I'm scared that we've put them up so high that they will undoubtedly fail. But, just look at the way that man looks at his wife! Sigh.

Congrats to your friend too! :)

And I will definitely be here for the sale...there have been things that I've wanted that I couldn't either afford or fit into (like that floppy hat you put up at your eBay store some time ago :().

Glad to see you posting again! Thought you were kidnapped by elves. :)