This is definitely the look I am going for in 2009.

photos by Christian Anwander for 10 magazine

*Insert the sound of the longest, heaviest whoooooossshhh of a sigh here*

Christmas was rough this year, I am not going to lie! My daughter came down with croup the Monday before Christmas. If you're unfamiliar with croup, imagine it like having a barking seal in your house...who never, ever stops barking. Poor thing! After several days on medicine, when she wasn't improving, chest X-Rays showed that it was morphing into pneumonia. WEEEE! I can honestly say that my husband and I maybe got 20 hours of uninterrupted sleep BETWEEN THE TWO OF US the entire week of Christmas. I spent most of the week steaming her up in the shower, issuing medications, and trying not to BAWL in frustration. Then everything in the house started breaking! The lights flickered, the car broke down, the ROOMBA DIED. If you have experienced the joy of ROOMBA in your home, you know how spoiled you can get quickly. When the roomba died I almost gave up. I mean, get the vaccuum out?? After months of pushing a button and watching the room clean itself? It was almost too much to bear. I won't even get in to the financial stress because that was a load we all carried around this year.

BUT! The bright shining light was Christmas morning. I recommend that everyone spend at least one Christmas morning with a four year old girl during their life. There is nothing more magical than waking up with a little girl who truly believes Santa Claus has just come into her home, eaten the cookies she baked, fed the reindeer the apples she picked out, and left TOYS underneath the tree. Pure happiness! We laughed our way through the exhaustion on Christmas, played with new toys, and ate chinese food. I have joy in my life because I have such a beautiful little family. I couldn't ask for more.  Plus! My husband got me a gift certificate for a new tattoo, a matching one that we have been planning on getting since last year. Much to the disgust of most of our family to be sure. C'est la vie guys! 

I'm sure you can figure out on your own that I barely got dressed in the last ten days. Forget my ebay store...I am going to be recovering from a two week hiatus for months, I am sure. Momentum works in a big way when you sell online. I did discover that Drew Barrymore has pretty much achieved style perfection...

I mean come on! So good, so much.

I did manage to get dressed. Once. Barely.

Picnik collage
dress-vintage, Portland OR

I also found the perfect NYE dress! Thrifted for $8 no less.

Picnik collage
Sparkles! So very many sparkles!

Now I just have to find something to DO on New Year's Eve...

I'll leave you today by saying that I hope you ALL had an amazing Christmas and that you WILL have an explosive New Years Eve!! For your amusement, here is a video of the man and the monkey child singing and dancing. If you pay attention you'll see me too ;)


Jessica said...

Wow! What a week you've had. Unfortunately I have experienced those as well but never on a holiday. You poor thing. Hope all are well now.
P.S. I love your frye booties (and your ebay store)

Melissa said...

that video had to be the most wonderful, endearing thing i've ever seen. you have a delightful little family!

Sal said...

Oh lady, I'm amazed you (and everyone else) made it without committing some sort of violent crime. Thank goodness the kidlet is mended, and you can enjoy New Year's.

That is, in fact, a perfect NYE dress. Shiny, sparkly, glorious. Enjoy!

Kim Grant said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! We miss you out here...Avery keeps getting more adorable. Good job, Mom!

Anonymous said...

Hi! First I'd just like to say that I love your blog and your store. You and your family are adorable and your style is inspirational. I'm also really intrigued by the concept of living thriftily for a year, but there's one question that keeps nagging at me. Forgive me for being crass, but, what about underwear? Do you buy that used as well, just make do with what you have, or make an exception?

Anonymous said...

I see you in there!

Sarah D. said...

Jen- That is a wonderful question! haha, someone actually asked me that after I posted my first blog entry. I draw the line at used underwear. I think that if I was truly poverty stricken, it would be safe and precautions would be taken...but I don't have to! I allow myself to buy brand new undies. :)

ほし said...


I wish you a very belated Merry Christmas thou!

TeeCee's Trifles said...

I love your reflection in the window!

petitgateau said...

aww!! the part where he laughs while he's singing is the best. so adorable!!!

Jasmine said...

i just watched all your youtube videos. avery is so freakin FUNNY! i love how she bows in the mariachi video. your butterflies kinda creep me out, but i agree on the band name - it's good.

speaking of bands, did you KNOW that the drummer and guitarist from radiohead are the drummer and guitarist at the yule ball in the fourth harry potter??? i thought that was pretty interesting.

post something new! i don't have a job, so i need more frequent posting from you! :)