september is HUGE.

September yields a great burden of memories, celebrations, re-inventions, and love!

I never had any real intentions to get married young or give birth... ever. I still recoil at the idea of giving up my maiden name, sometimes I leave my wedding ring at home because I hate the nasty "whose diamond is bigger?" symbolism, and I keep my own bank account, thank you very much. On top of that, I never enjoyed baby-sitting, I shuddered always to think of the whole giving birth scenario, and I have been spotting ugly babies as often as not for my whole life. Oddly enough, I woke up a few months ago and realized I had everything I never wanted. It was shocking and not entirely comfortable for several weeks. But the longer I live it, the easier it is to accept that the good and the necessary come in all sizes and shapes except the ones you expect. Expectations are nonsense and I gave them up. And I have to say, this doesn't suck.


Enough of that for the time being...

Oh! Don't forget the GIVEAWAY!!


Meet Kathleen, and check out the new goods in the

Picnik collage
Picnik collage 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage


jasmine said...

avery is OLD.

PeaceLoveAustin said...

IS that kathleen carmichael? I think I went to high school with her sister. Great clothes and photos!
Jessica Meyer

ELVIA said...

yay! i love magnolia vintage!
where do you find the merchandise and how did you start magnolia family vintage?

also congrats on the marriage & babies. x.