every day is an anniversary of falling in love with something.

This may be the only space I inhabit on the internet where I have not posted my wedding photos.

Until now.

It's my blog and I will whore out my photos if I want to. I paid enough for them. Truth be told I am still in love with these photos. I loved my wedding. I thought it was beautiful, fun, and represented Dave and I well. We worked hard to make it ours. I know it is the hip thing to do these days to be understated and intimate with your wedding but I have never been hip. I had the wedding I dreamed of when I was six, complete with giant dress and hundreds of guests. I had a fairy tale wedding which was made more special by the decidedly un-fairy tale story of Dave and I. Well, no fairy tale I ever read involved the internet, another guys baby, and so much back seat fooling around. :)

Three years ago today... the highlights.



















if you have any interest in seeing the rest of the set, they're HERE on flickr.

So that is it. Three years later and I think I have come to the end of what seemed an inexhaustible amount of places to show off my wedding. It has been fun. I should probably steer this blog back in the direction it was intended now. I will, I promise. You can look forward to more spectacular (if I do say so myself) thrifted finds and vintage love here at "the year."

xo Seacrest OUT.

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Cloverland Farm said...

beautiful. am still sorry i could not be there and beardo had to fly solo. love your cake topper and your boots. even then, you guys were so austin. (hope you like austin!) too bad we couldn't have lived in Tejas at the same time.

Kallie said...

i remember seeing your wedding pics on lj awhile ago and saving a few as inspiration for when i get married someday. creepy? yea, probably but your wedding was the ideal you lucky girl right down to the cake toppers!!!!

theyearoflivingthriftily said...

that's so sweet thanks Kallie! I have random photos of a lot of people on my comp. It isn't creepy... I don't think? If so, then we are both creepy people.

Kathy said...

lovely pics!

Kiley said...

soooo lovely.
that blonde hair is fierce, too. I hope my wedding day looks half as beautiful as this!

jasmine said...

i love your wedding photos. your wedding was SO gorgeous. even with those scary peacock velociraptors.

shandenn said...

oh my god, this is beautiful. youre the first person ive seen wearing boots under your gown where it doesnt lok stupid, which is amazing because every looks at me like im crazy when i say im going to do it. and your dress looks like a reference photo ive had saved forever! great minds it seems do think alike. these photos are all stunning. wow.

Kristen said...

sooo gorgeous! wow.... seriously some of the most gorgeous wedding photos I've seen in a long time! your dress is beautiful, the flowers are beautiful, love those boots, love the location! beautiful!! i'm glad you shared your photos.

where did you have your wedding? in austin? i'm an austinite myself and am marking places in my head for future reference. shhh, don't tell anybody.

Ms. C. said...

I definitely remember these from LJ from a very long time ago. I loved them then and I love them even more now. Such a beautiful, ideal wedding. Congrats!

Cloverland Farm said...

ps: Bearden fails to ask the important questions too! :)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Oh my God! Oh my God! This post! Your pretty face in the mirror! Your adorable daughter! THE NEW BANNER!!

It's exclamation point overload every time I visit your blog

mina said...

That photo of the clouds is unbelievable!