look me in the eye and tell me our love is like no love

May I have your attention?

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.  You will be subjected to one, if not more, "oh-so-adorable" photo posts.  of me and him. us.  the wedding. our love. etc.  This is your chance to jump ship, ignore me for the week, etc.  What good is having a blog if you can't whore out your wedding photos every year??

And now the important thing!

My dear friend Jasmine is hosting a Magnolia Family Vintage giveaway at her blog, An Experiment in Poverty this week! We (that would be the family) are giving away a lovely little selection of vintage accessories. Go see! Go see! You know you want to. You can't even help yourself. Was that enough links in one small paragraph you think?? I can add more if you think it was unimpressive...

This fall all I want to do is



and this...


just rotate them, back and forth, the whole season. Easy as pie.

Seacrest OUT. xoxo


jasmine said...

oooo! i want to do the first one too!