Stylist still sounds like a made-up job.

I spent all last weekend and most of this week in Houston. Myself, Tommy Chung, and the incomparable MUA Carol Wagener teamed up for a MARATHON five days of shooting Page Parkes tests as well as two eco-fashion editorials for *TBD* magazine. I don't want to say too much and jinx myself. All in all it was the most tiring five (er, six?) days of my recent life. We combined 12-14 hour days, 105 PLUS degree temperatures, and the most ludicrous humidity I have ever experienced for a sweaty, smelly, and eventually giddy fashion boot camp.

I say giddy because Carol and I get especially goofy and punch-drunk at the end of the day. Must be the dehydration + candy diet. 

Question? Why are the following paragraphs spaced differently than the one above? Hm.

I was really pleased with a lot of the work we did. Now, when people ask me what I do I almost always answer "wardrobe stylist," you know, as opposed to "oooooh, you know, I do a little fashion, like, styling, vintage sales thing." *sheepish grin* Taking myself seriously when I do something so entirely fun is near to impossible. Plus, taking yourself seriously is lame unless you're a social worker or maybe a Delta Force agent or something... In that case, feel free.

This trip to Houston was a special pleasure not only because I got to re-team with Carol and Tommy but because I got to dress some amazing models. Kyla and Ashlee are two shiny little stars that were both sweet, gorgeous, and remarkable unwhiny considering the fact that I kept throwing them into winter coats and thick leggings while asking them to "please don't sweat, k?" I expect to see both of them on the top of their games in the near future.





Ashlee got to stand next to Zac Posen once. This means I am one degree away from Zac Posen. I get way too much pleasure out of this.


Behind the scenes in Hell's Mouth (or Houston) August 2009


This is what fun looks like. amiright?

the magic maker herself, Carol, and our charming male model Dan.

Careful girls, he is good-looking, goofy, AND nice in a completely genuine way. I think he may be some sort of secret operative.

Smile! Your eyes are sweating!

This is where comfort and breezes go to die.

Oh! And finally. I must tell.

The last day in Houston the strap on my vintage, hand-tooled, vintage-leather purse snapped in two. Not having immediate access to a vintage OR thrift store at the moment I resigned to buying a new, nondescript purse at Target. So , it was a cheat but a necessary one. I will soon relegate it to the back of my closet where it will live in shame.

The brand new- purse of shame.

Seacrest OUT.


le13anna said...

ok, I could never be a stylist COS of my over-preoccupation with all things fair. I would totally be offended that everyone didn't get to take a turn in front of the camera.

Modelpshawdel, oh wait, that's your job? I thought we were just all here to party(and sweat apparently),..

jasmine said...

awww. kyla is adorable!