I got my hairs did. All of 'em.




...um, scroll down a year or so people.

Inspiration photos


I'd love to say "so whaddya think??" But the truth is your opinion is rendered meaningless by the fact that I love it so hard. It's huge and retro and fluffy and I want to make love to my own hair. Is that so wrong? My fellow sisters in curl out there know that getting a good curly haircut can be like finding a decent man. Honestly, it is that difficult. I'm not even making some clever joke here.

I can officially and wholeheartedly recommend miss Dawn at Joie De Vie salon on 6th in Austin. Dawn did not mess around, did not look panic stricken at the sight of a head full of chaos, and did not even bat an eye when I mentioned I was wanting an early 80's stevie nicks look. It doesn't hurt that she is a rock chick and we can discuss all things awesome while I am in her capable hands. I can now say that I have a stylist in Austin. WOW. That's like accepting another marriage proposal guys, it is THAT serious to me.


jasmine said...

finally! now you don't have to drive to SAN DIEGO to get your hair done...or did she move back to portland? i can't remember. either place would be equally ridiculous. your hair looks super cute. just like all the inspiration photos. she did a really good job!

Breanna said...

I love it. I think you look absolutely gorgeous.

theyearoflivingthriftily said...

thanks to the both of you :)

em ♥ muffin said...

just had to say... LOVE IT! your stevie nicks' twin!

Ms. Case said...

Your locks of love are fantastically-fantastic! I have a head of ungrooly locks and when I let it run free it's represents that of a lion's mane! However, it's all about the cut! And yours mama is perfect!

Missa said...

Oh soooo Stevie! Nice!

fashionfrugality said...

OMG It looks amazing! I would love huge curly pretty hair now, PLEASE! Ha ha, in my dreams. :)

epic said...

you have the curly hair of my dreams!! during the summer all i can manage is frizz. :(

meg said...

as creepy as it's going to sound (and i'm well aware that it is... and i don't care), i am hair crushin' so hard right now that i would rather have a poster of that awesome mane you have than a poster of one mr. peter saarsgard -and that's sayin' a lot my friend!