Alive and in the meantime.

Pardon us. We're on vacation. In the great American west.
Bozeman, Montana 2009



We have been avoiding the internet in favor of

mountain hikes!
private pilates sessions!
marathon thrifting!!!
main street USA cuisine!
poolside ice tea!

I wanted to take a quick break from the leisure to let you all know that I did pick a winner of the Mink Pink giveaway. I drew randomly from a pot and have to say a big, fat congratulations to Talia aka phloxblossom! She has very wisely chosen the fringed black mini-skirt. I comment her wearable, any-season choice! THANK YOU to everyone who threw their hat in the ring. I actually have another sweet giveaway lined up for the very near future. Keep your eyes open!!

oh how we change.
Bozeman, Montana 2005



Seacrest out. For the moment.

p.s. I just saw Austin blogger Sea of Shoes in VOGUE! Whaaaaa? That is ah-mazing.


jasmine said...

this is gonna sound mean, but i think you'll understand what i mean - that picture of you on the swing is cuter than avery's!! as in, you're so cute, you actually beat avery at cuteness...which is pretty much impossible sooooo...way to go! and i'm jealous of your montana trip. it sounds amazing! we wish we were there!! enjoy it. :)

Rose Red said...

Montana is so beautiful!

I love your blog and the commitment you've made.

Tiffany Diane said...

I hope I don't sound creepy for knowing, but she isn't from Austin (seaofshoes), she's from a small town barely even near Dallas but is still in the DFW area. Mmmmhm.

Blicious said...

love your pics!!!!

Wanderlusting said...

Yeah Jane is in Vogue, as is her mother...I would be too if I were 16 and had $1000 shoes at my disposal everyday and a beyond-my-years fashion sense. No...I'm not bitter :P

Montana - I've never been but it has always had a place in my heart. I can't WAIT to road trip there one is my secret "dream place"

Cloverland Farm said...

private pilates sessions. now you are killing me. love! + added you to my sidebar. xo

Nina B. said...

Oh, MAN. I just found your blog through Daddy Likey, and am so bummed your year of living thriftily is almost over! Can you keep it up a little longer??

Kiley said...

I just discovered your blog the other day, and spent the last hour reading it start to finish. needless to say, i'm OBSESSED!

this was such a fantastic idea for a blog, and has really given me the inspiration to go to the hundreds of thrift shops in austin (i've only been to a few of the goodwills a couple times...) and SAVE MONEY. ya know, the money that i do not at all have.
you have some AMAZING pieces!

OR, how about i just give you money and you shop FOR me!? lol. ohh, wishful thinking.

i also just realized that your year is almost up! and i just found your blog. :(