An Education worth mentioning.

I don't get too very excited by films these days. It would be counter productive because odds are, here in "the land of no babysitters" where I live, I will not get to see it. If I sound bitter, it's because I am. Bitterness happens about twenty days after the birth of your first child. I don't know if it gets worse with subsequent children. I don't intend to find out. Lucky for me, using the cosmic calculator, it has been determined that bearing children > seeing the latest Transformers installment. No joke. 

My point is, when I do get excited about films. I get reeeeally excited. Lately I have been lucky enough to have my interest peaked by Nine, It Might Get Loud, the morbid curiosity heat seeking missile also to be called The Runaways Biopic, and Jane Campion's Bright Star. As for the last one, I will watch anything with a bonnet and an empire waist. 

While all of those look splendid and I am sure they're going to look just as good on my sad little TV as they would on the big screen (bittersauce? check!) I am especially thrilled by the upcoming October release "An Education."

Young girls coming of age story? CHECK.
Vintage fashion inspiration? CHECK.
Peter Saarsgard? CHECK.
nuf said.


The necessity of viewing this film need not be mentioned.

So my question is, which one of you wants to babysit?

P.S. Speaking of Peter Saarsgard. I am tossing around the entrepreneurial idea of starting my own line of creepy/ugly -sexy wall sizes posters. Pin-up boys for the bedroom walls of young girls that, like myself, have always been attracted to and fascinated by the less than beefy, better than chiseled men of the world. I had a crush on Don Henley as a young girl... but I thought Don Henley and Harvey Keitel were the same person. Do you see where I am going with this? What about the girls out there who'd rather kiss a poster of Sam Rockwell or Paul Dano before bed? Peter Saarsgard would make an excellent first edition print. I can't be the only girl (er lady) that falls asleep when she sees Zac Efron. I am on to something. I know it.

NOMINATE YOUR UGLY/SEXY Poster boys in the comments please.


Jaye said...

David Bowie from Labyrinth

theyearoflivingthriftily said...

done and done :)

Tiffany Diane said...

adrian brody

Nina B. said...

That's so funny...I just had a conversation about this with some friends! It's the chocolate guys (universally attractive) versus the mocha almond fudge guys (acquired taste). Some MAF guys mentioned: Seth Rogen, Jason Schwartzman, Chris Messina...suddenly blanking out because I can't stop thinking about Chris Messina...mmm

jasmine said...

mr. gordon!!!!!

Taylor K said...

OHMYGOSH I am so glad that you mentioned Mr. Gordon. I would totally kiss a picture of him before going to bed. AH, I loved that class. He used to stop in to see me at Shenandoah Cafe (used to be on second street) and I would get all blushy and flattered. Did you know that he lives in Belmont Shore? Swoon.

Taylor K said...

posters: the kid in Almost Famous, the bald host guy from Top Chef.

Brandi said...

Edward Norton! Especially in Fightclub and American History X...

Julia said...

This looks so freaking good!

shandenn said...

i have magazine sized pics of jon stewart, stephen colbert and jeff goldblum...ooooh jeff goldblum...

ALSO! thank you lady for this movie! id heard nothing of it and have to see!!!!