watch me while I congratulate myself


post apocalyptic backyard much?

post Christmas party ubiquitous red cup? check
post summer wishful thinking tiki-torch? check.
giant hole dug by spaztatistical puppy dog? check.

So it's freezing. Not so much freezing in that way that things are frozen, or there is ice involved, or even so much as to say that the temperature has reached the freezing point. It is freezing in the way that I spent 90% of my life in Southern California and haven't yet developed the emotional resources needed to carry me cheerfully through a dismal Texas winter. It's not a powdery, sparkly fluff kind of winter here. It can only be described as devoid (on the bad days). Devoid of light, sky, and leaves. It's not my cup of tea. But I am trying to power through and keep warm with robust doses of florals, plaids, boots, and fancy gloves as you can see. Nothing cheers me up like a little pattern mixing, some big-ass jewelry, and a hands-free hand-bag (er, backpack.)







DKNY wool blazer- thrifted, $1.25
Floral mid-length skirt- thrifted, > $5.00
Turtleneck- F21, yeeeaaars ago
Rings- F21 last week y'all! cheap?
Fingerless gloves- Christmas gift ♥ my Mama
Hairdid- Dawn at Joie de Vie
booty like whoah- model's own ;)

I think we can officially call it 2011. I may be a few days behind here but I like a sure thing. I needed to make sure that I had time to get my head around everything that went down in 2010 before I committed (new house! new dog! baby starts kindergarten! bizniz partnership! ohmy!). More importantly I needed to deal with the head-spinningly fantastic entree of my 29th year! Truth be told I really never feel the New Year until January 10th because that is when MY new era begins... January 10th was my birthday, in case you didn't pick up on that in the previous sentences.


This birthday was not taking any prisoners. In the brief downtime between Christmas and my day of birth I was steamrolled by the implications of my 20's, or "the 20's that were" as I am calling them now. I was noticing more eye-wrinkles, hearing the word ma'am like a gut-punch, and stressing over my nightly need to retire before 11PM (like... hours before.) The willies of another year passing quickly subsided in the face of the best gotdamn birthday I can remember. Declaring the whole weekend as titled "29 problems but a bitch ain't one" caused this photo to happen-


courtesy of Tealy
. well played.

In all honesty I can say I don't remember feeling as special or as valued as I did this year when my friends and husband got together to put together a fantastic birthday celebration for me. Dinner at The Good Knight (oh not enough seats to accommadate all my loving amigos?? #tooflatteringformyowngood #egofantastico) ...



to my left...


to my right...


Oh, where I passed the camera around the table and scored these gems...




Har! Har!

Dinner was followed by rump-shaking all about town, where I managed to score these whopping DOS photos before my camera battery died...



get it gurls

and the night was topped off (nee! CROWNED) by the presentation of a Best Buy gift card that a whole gaggle of my friends got together on so I could go get a new SCHMANCY camera I want so hard. In all honesty they were trying to shut me up because I won't stop whining about my crappy point and shoot but who says a good gift can't be beneficial to SEVERAL?! Not I. The night ended with a torrential downpour that soaked through my leather jacket and saw several of us wandering the streets like soggy stray dogs... in Jeffrey Campbell platforms. By the time we got a taxi (came equipped with the worlds lousiest, rudest taxi-driver) and then walked (er, stumbled?) several blocks to our car (did I mention the lousy cab driver?) I was a ready to fall into my bed and sleep tight in my own self-made puddle. I spent the following day recovering by watching Party Down on Netflix and whining about my sore dancing legs while my man listened and sympathized attentively. :)

Leaping into my 29th year, the last of my twenties obviously, made me think a lot about what I have to show for it. It's the standard reaction and I didn't dive in too hard because it was easy. I came through the first half of my twenties like a bruiser, knocking down your average moving to a strange city alone, token damaging relationship with a guy who can only be explained as guaranteed to break my parents heart, accidental pregnancy turned unprepared mommyhood, long-distance whirlwind romance turned matrimony, and the total rejection of, how do you say, "employment" for the uphill battle of my own passion-following small business. Despite the perhaps trainwreck-esque expectations I inspired in people, I clawed my way through the last half to this very day, where I find myself with a beautiful daughter, a wonderful husband, a home I love in a city that has shown it loves me, and a circle of friends that are INSPRING most importantly and never less than unconditionally supportive*.

*See this is the part that relates to the title of this post. I am indulging in a big ol wank fest of self-congratulations. It's almost as horrific to watch as a bunch of "country-rock" dudes with their arms around each other on stage, swaying and singing Wild Horses (personal anecdote, pay no mind.) It's way better than my innate tendency to downtalk and negate my own achievements internally, trust me. Self-aggrandizing > self-pity any day in my humble opinion... haha, see what happened there? With the humble but I said I was self-aggrand- oh, nevermind.

The point is, I started this year with a good bit of contentment and a pinch of pride, no doubt. I have big plans for 2011 because I want to barrel into 30, into next year, with more than a pinch yeah?


Briana, not Bri-onna. said...

I love this post lady! You had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. Well said!

Anonymous said...

WhooHOo! we make it Sarah...29 and fine is too true. congrats to you lady and enjoy this last year of 20's I know I am making the best of it and getting all my adultness in line for the big three o. have fun. *winter

Linda said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Sounds like you had a freaking AWESOME first 29's to the next 29. ;)

Bite The Beat said...

I absolutely adored this post, Sarah! You are a downright amazing lady who deserves every bit of happiness, and I'm glad that you've been receiving it in large doses.

And, what terrific, supportive people you have in your life!

Oh, and the T2i is my dream camera.

magnolia*mama said...

@all of you, thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words!! and thanks even reading!! xoxo

Kim Grant said...

Happy Birthday! Were the mentioned "country rockers" originally from LA? haha.

magnolia*mama said...

@kim- haha, maaaaaybe ;)

Darling Nikki said...

i had no idea that we shared the same birthday! ...and that's when my new year begins as well (wink)!
Happy belated birthday!