light and leather

We're so, so excited this week to be getting ready for a photo shoot with 15 year old, Dallas based photographer Ann He. Her age is surprising but obviously unimportant because her photgraphy shows a maturity and understanding of light (especially) that is so impressive...










website for Ann He

The most challenging thing about working on a photo shoot/lookbook (for myself) is remaining true to your own aesthetic and style. There is so much style, photography, and fashion inspiration coming at us now on the millions of blogs, flickr, street style sites, etc that it can be hard to remain honest. And so much of what inspires me is right here in my town, on the streets, exploding out of my close friends... sometimes your vision gets cloudy and you forget yourself, confuse your brand... It is possible to lose yourself to what you believe is "happening." I am completely committed to making choices that are authentic to what I love about vintage and style in my heart! It's inspiration not imitation, k? I am lucky to be surrounded always by people pushing me in the direction of myself, my own voice, my eye, my choices, and that is amazing. I can only hope to be as positive an influence and challenge my friends the way they do for me!

Anyhow, wish us luck on our next creative venture and please go check out more of Ann's work on her web site. I am really glad to be working with such a talent at such a young age. The possibilities for this girl are obviously endless and something tells me I will be following her work and admiring it for a long time to come...



ほし said...

Oh wow, her stuff is amazing! And, I understand your concern since we all are at some level influenced by what we see, but. Your outlook on things is unique and, honestly, I haven't seen anybody do what you do as well as you do it. So rock on!

Tay Talk said...

Oh my...she is wonderful. What an eye.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

All of those photos are absolutely stunning. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!