Things you can tell just by looking.


Christmas is like a ninja. From a distance ninjas seem BAD-ASS and exciting. NINJAS ARE RAD! But in reality, ninjas will get in your face and abuse you before you have even caught a glimpse of their sweet moves. Christmas is exciting when you think about the prospect in June. Then it creeps up on you. It is holding a knife to your throat and you never saw it coming. All of a sudden Christmas is a few days away and I am in a state of panic. Rushing to get gifts and make sure my daughter has Christmas magic raining down on her at all times, trying to think of a present for my husband, and getting glitter from ornaments all over my carpet only to find out that my vacuum cleaner has died...again. 

The funny part is how little we as a family actually buy into and indulge in Christmas cliches...and it is still a cyclone of activity here! I cannot imagine how people who really and truly get sucked into all the Christmas obligations must feel...well, I guess they are the same people who stomped a man to death for a discount on televisions at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. Let's all raise a Christmas glass of wine (or bourbon, or champagne, or hooch if that's your poison) to breathing and loving and giving this year. Just do those three things and you'll be fine. We all will!

I do have to say that it is all worth it to see Averys face on Christmas morning, to start our own brand new, first-time ever Christmas family traditions (chinese food is involved, for sure), and to eat Santas' cookies of course. In the meantime, I have been to Target about 124 times in the last week, seen two preschool Christmas recitals, and and attended one housewarming party behind a Boat-World, Oh! And I found a new little nich to take better blog photos in!

Stuff That I Wore This Week

I was actually on the phone in this photo. Multi-tasking!
Picnik collage
Dress- Thrifted
Jacket- Buffalo Exchange
Boots- Steve Madden in '07
Bag- Lucky brand

I'm not thrilled with the proportions of this outfit. It happens.
Picnik collage
High waisted circle skirt- H&M last Christmas
Blouse- thrifted, Savers
Belt- vintage, thrifted
Peacoat- New Bohemia Vintage
Boots- Steve Madden

I'm not allergic to ironing, I just don't like doing it!
Picnik collage
Dress- Anthropologie last Christmas
Jacket-Buffalo Exchange
Scarf- Thrifted, Goodwill
Boots- Vintage, Ebay

I did manage take in some journalism *coughmagazinescough* this week. I'm not usually captivated by black and white photography. That Maybe, but I can't help what my eyes are attracted to. The good news is that the most recent issue of Dazed and Confused magazine blew the doors off my little preference. Heidi Slimanes "Teenage Takeover" editorial was mesmerizing.


I was completely inspired by this and decided to go through the folders of saved photos on my computer to see what kind of B&W pics had caught my eye before. I found some beautiful images I hadn't looked at for months! Here are some of the more "fashion-y" that I found...


I am getting a little bit intoxicated by the way black and white photography puts the emphasis on texture. I may be an overly tactile person, but I love to see textures competing! I need to spend some time seeking out some more black and white journalistic photography this week...while I am not in Target of course.


Anonymous said...
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My Daily Vintage said...

You have my dream tree! I also saw your style twin in Detroit this weekend, in case you didn't know you had a double out there ... seriously though, same hair! same dress style, same shoes... her face wasn't entirely similar but still ! It was strange.

Merry Christmas!

ほし said...

Oh my, I love your tree! That sequin bird!

And I think you and I share the same ironing my mom would say, "se nos va la plancha detras" which means the iron would chase us. :p

And those gray/taupe vintage boots are always killing me...they're so gorgeous...

Jasmine said...

i can't stop looking at your tree, sarah. i want to eat it. i wonder if Levi would let us have a similar tree next year. i'd need to get a wreath or something pine-y smelling though. christmas smell is essential.

Sal said...

I feel ya: Seems like I LIVE at Target these days. Your tree is superfantastico, as is that amazing floral frock outfit.