I am not having a good day.

I feel the need to be honest now and tell you that I am in a dumpy mood. I woke up addled with stress, the kind kicks you in the face while you're asleep (this is a theory I am working on) and when you wake up you have a bruise, a monster headache, and a vicious grudge because SOMEONE KICKED YOU IN THE FACE WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. The point is I don't know what did it exactly, what tipped the scales while I was dreaming. It is sneaky and underhanded to attack a persons psyche while they are defenseless. But you know what I did to this invisible enemy? I fought back.

I could have retaliated in all the normal SELF magazine, Oprah-esque drinking green tea, doing a pilates video, or walking around the block (why is walking around the block the answer to all of lifes problems according to the mainstream media?? Have you ever had a problem solved while you were out strolling? I haven't. Idiots.) Instead I did it my own way. I have patented methods see.  I showered for a good 45 minutes, I popped pocorn and put Gossip Girl on in the background while I put LOADS of makeup on. Then I put a ridiculously impractical dress and heels on to wait for the exterminator to come over. See!


I think I took the bug killer off guard with the heels and the cleavage and whatnot. I thought it would be satisfying to be ogled a little bit by a random person but this putz was so pervy and shameless about talking to my chest that he sucked all the fun out of it. Some people! Ooooooh well. I wasn't about to be sucked back into my dark place, so I did something that never fails to make me smile. I window shopped on the internet.

I'm currently obsessed with these amazing tunic mini dresses from Tin Roof Vintage on ebay...

love love love and love.


Then I cruised over to Adore Vintage to find this...

Fashion Valium

Don't you feel better just looking at that cupcake of a dress? Also , how Chuck from Pushing Daisies is it? What a fantastic, downright delicious bit of television. I don't actually have TV in my house for a myriad of reasons, so I am very choosy and selective about what I will download and watch. Pushing Daisies is fantastic eye candy and heart candy for that matter.

You cannot beat this cuteness with a club.

I love when you see films and television series having honest-to-God fun with wardrobe. I will confess to you now that my dream job would be to work as a wardrobe supervisor for a television series. I love the idea of dressing a character specifically and over time. I truly believe that fashion is transformative and a very effective method of self expression. I would love the opportunity to tell a person's story in clothes! So you know, if you or your loved one has the ability to get me that job...don't be shy. :)

Back to the window shopping...

Sometimes I like to cruise the high-end vintage shops online, like The Frock, to induce a seizure or two.



Are you hemorrhaging from all the gorgeous yet? I am. That last one gives me a real Rachel Zoe vibe, and can I just say that I LOVE Rachel Zoe? I don't care if the woman fed diet pills for horses to Nicole Richie or if she never eats or if she steals towels from hotels during fashion week. I DON'T CARE. I don't like to throw down judgments on aspects of people I don't know. I don't care what celebrities do in their spare time; I do care about how they execute their chosen professions! I don't know Rachel Zoe personally, so I don't give a crap what kind of person she is. I do know she is KILLIN IT with her style and I love it 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

1. She wears vintage almost exclusively

2. Her hair. She has my dream hair.

Amazing hair. The perfect combination of disheveled and styled. Gimme! And finally,

3. She is not afraid of caftans and the like.
Rachel Zoe and Molly Sims at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2008 - Temperley London - Front Row on September 8, 2007 in New York City.

WATERMILL - AUGUST 28: Rachel Zoe attends Super Saturday 10 hosted by Donna Karan, Charla Lawhorn and InStyle Magazine at Nova's Ark Project in Watermill, New York on July 20, 2007. Photo by Rabbani And Solimene Photography/WireImage)

I love a caftan in any shape and form. A flowing, billowy, body swallowing garment in a retro-to-the-point-of-offense print! I just picked up this "mini" version off eBay a few weeks ago and I adore it...



I don't know why people hate on caftans. I always hear people talk about caftans in a humorous and disparaging way. They never fail to point out the caftan's association with Mrs. Roper AS IF THAT IS A BAD THING. Call me crazy but I plan on being just like Mrs. Roper when I am old. But not until I go through my midlife Peggy Bundy phase with tight capris and belted v-neck sweaters and inappropriate, lewd comments to neighborhood boys! I have plans for my life!

Since I was having an insecure, foul humor kind of day I want to end this post on a happy note. Every girl has a favorite dress, a dress that can make you feel like gangbusters after six episodes of Grey's Anatomy, a pair of pants that are too small all of a sudden, and your bff posting the ugliest photo of you ever on her myspace... My very favorite dress was a gift from my mother a few years ago. I wore it a few days ago,



Later, I added some fun flair, if you will...

Pretty in mustard! Thrifted scarf.
Photo 57

The "Tootsie" Glasses, also thrifted.
Photo 61

I probably would have let go of those glasses by now had my husband not once told me they made me look like Tootsie. Yes, that's right, he compared me to Dustin Hoffman in drag. Now I can't let them go because they are tied to the most horrific and hilarious moment of our relationship thus far! And you know what, they don't have lenses. I have gotten a lot of back talk about wearing glasses that don't serve a purpose. But, I want you to pay real close attention to what I say here. They're an accessory. That's right. Do my earrings serve a purpose? How about that headband squeezing your noggin? No really, please do explain to me the purpose of today's uber-popular headband trend. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the headband look when it is done in an earthy way and not, you know...lamé. But, the point is who cares if they don't serve a purpose? I can think of worse things for them to do than be aimless.

And since those photos don't do the color justice, here is an extra from last year. I have politely cropped my husband out at his request. :)

Purse/scarf- thrifted

(while we're all looking at that photo...should I cut bangs again??)

My favorite dress is my favorite dress because it emphasizes everything I love and downplays everything I don't. I want every dress I buy to strive to be this dress. I feel comfortable, sexy, approachable, and mostly I feel very much like me in this dress. Don't pass up a dress like that... If you're only buying secondhand or vintage, great, but if you find a dress that makes you feel just like you, then buy it. Buy it and never feel guilty about it.



JIN said...

i check your blog daily for updates; one of my best friends and i love reading it. :D

1) going out on a stroll while pissed off would only make me more pissed off.
3) i'm guilty of posting ugly pictures of another one of my best friends on myspace. she's come to accept it as a way of life.
4) i'm a big fan of bangs as i believe they are universally flattering, but i'm really in love with how your hair looks now.

Kristin said...

i love the tootsie glasses!
also, i prefer your hair sans bangs, as it is right now.

just wanted to say that i learned about your blog from newestwrinkle, and i am really enjoying it. you are a great writer. i'm looking forward to what's to come!

Rosie said...

no bangs, your hair is perfection.
also pushing daisies never fails to put me in a good mood. that "walking around the block" thing is no good.
what i wouldnt do to have YOUR closet, girl!! forget rachel zoe.

petitgateau said...

oh man, do i ever wish you had bangs again! so awesome. if this weren't the internet, i would start a chant or something to egg you on.

Meghann said...

oh i'm so sorry about the foul-ish mood! you look adorable adorable though, so i hope you're smiling a bit more now.

i have a random question for you, and maybe it would be fun to try and answer in here...

i, too, adore caftans and got really caught up with "maxidresses" (i don't know how i feel about that word) this summer. now, i'm getting a little bit bummed to be putting them away when i so don't want to.

any accessorizing advice for bringing long, billowy solid-color dresses into the fall/winter? please/ :)

Sarah D. said...

ooooh that is a god question! I think as long as the dress, which I am picturing as a summer maxi dress, is a solid color it is totally doable! I think a soild colored maxi dress layered with a slouchy cardigan and long skinny scarf would be super cute...maybe a tam like hat...I have a pretty picture in my head. I will try and find a good photo and maybe do a polyvore of what I am envisioning! xo

Sarah D. said...

as a matter of fact meghann, I am going to do something on this in a post because I have found some great inspiration!

ss said...

I hate that Rachel Zoe looks 100 when she's like not even 40 yet. Although I love that she & I have the same birthday...ha.

I think 90210's stylist should be shot. That show has THE worst clothes ever. It makes it seem like Californians don't know how to dress themselves.

Gossip Girl's stylist is my hero.


Sarah D. said...

Mine too!! He does amazing things with those characters. He loves his job, you can see it in the outfits.

Meghann said...

Yay! Thank you so much!

I have been messing around on Polyvore with the idea too -- my personal favorite dress is long and a vivid purple. The best I can find on pv is:

(and I'm actually jealous because, while I like my color better, the back on that one is so cute!)

I've got gold jewelry and a black cardigan with it right now...I suppose I'll just have to keep messing around with it.

Thanks so much!! :)

That Austin Girl said...

Yay!!!! I love this post so much, Miss Sarah. Your blog is my new favorite treat!

And also have never had problem solved by walk. Utter ridiculousness. Rachel Zoe AND her 2006 prodigy Nicole Richie are both style icons of well as...dare I say it...THE OLSENS!!! I'm thinking of doing a post on them soon. It feels like a big confession. Why does everyone hate on them? Have the most crunk killer style?

Anyway, sorry for the tangent - you are so adorable in all of your little outfits, and you completely tear up that eBay! Man! I need to learn your tricks. You put together such pretty pretty things.

Jasmine said...

"and your bff posting the ugliest photo of you ever on her myspace..."

is this me??? did i do this to you??? eeep! let me know, and i will fix!

also, LOVE your hair in the photo w/husband (don't know if i'm allowed to say his name on here!), and i fully support re-found bangdom.

and also HHAHHAHAHHAHAH to what "ss" said about rachel zoe looking 100. i was totally thinking that in my head looking at her pics. that woman looks like she's been smoking a pack a day for the last 30 years. and stop wanting her hair please! your hair is about a trillion times better than hers any old day. seriously. you better start being obsessively in love/content with your hair pretty soon, or i'm giving you a buzz cut.

also, i just read an article about how leighton meester was born while her mother was in federal prison. FEDERAL PRISON. true story. it was an interview even.

don't forget to keep your eyes out for my margot coat and dress!

Jasmine said...

hahah! just read my comment. i started almost every paragraph with "also." i kept thinking each paragraph would be my last but i had more to say., nothing. i'm done now.

Jekkia said...

Love it love it all!!!