That's right. Do not try to come up in my bathroom and stiff me! I will make sure you have to find a new street to pick up sailors on!

What I mean is that my husband and I bought this delightful displayed sentiment (reproduction) at an antique furniture store a few years ago and since hanging it in the bathroom we haven't had any problems with hookers or riff raff. THANK GOD.

Before I say anything about thrifting or fashion I have to share a concern with you guys. My concern is that I have turned into a creep. A perv. A creepy, girl stalking creep. Since the inception of my ebay store and starting to work as a stylist I am always on the lookout for cute girls. I need models to make the clothes come alive! When this started I was just being business minded. Now it is an odd problem. Whether I am out in a bar, the grocery store, the movie theater or the bank I am constantly scanning legs, appraising hair, or trying to get close discreetly to see if she has bad skin or maybe her teeth are jacked. I do it involuntarily now and I make my husband an unwilling participant. I am the only wife I know who regularly asks her husband questions like "do you think that girl is hot? without those pants and all that makeup though? is her butt too flat?" Don't you wish you hung out with me and could be part of my judgmental obsession? That being said I have fun playing with my living dress up dolls. The newest member of the Magnolia Family, family (awkward) is Ariel. She reminds me of my mom in the 1970's. Well, mostly because I dressed her up like my mom in the 1970's and then took her photo the old fashioned way...


I take polaroids of most girls at photo shoots I work or when they come to model for me. 


I am amused by how much they remind me of trading cards. I could take my creepiness to a whole new level by adding their names and a list of their "interests" to the back...then arranging them all, trading card style, in a big three ring binder. EEK! I amaze myself with my capacity to be a weirdo.

In more relevant news, today I wore one of my favorite dresses to hit the post office among other boring locations...

Photo 34Photo 38
Dress and Shoes are Michael Kors
Necklace-Vintage from a shop in Wimberley, TX
Clutch-Vintage, Feathers Vintage in Austin TX

I realize this may not seem like the most relevant outfit to display for you guys since the foundations of it are new (although the dress did come from an outlet...which is kind of like a thrift store, right? amirite?) But this blog isn't just about acquiring more stuff, it is also about working with what you have.

This brings me to a whole new topic because what I have is dresses. I have lots and lots and lots of pretty frilly feminine dresses. The reason being simple...I don't wear pants. I have a pair. No, wait, I have two pairs now. One black, one blue and they were both acquired for less than $7 a piece at a Savers. I have worn the black ones in time. I don't like them, I don't like shopping for them, I don't like the way I look in them, end of story. I have however promised myself that over this next year, part of my commitment to thrifting and to being more creative with my own style will be integrating pants. Once a month at least...for my poor husband who is, alas, an ass man. I'd love to know what you think are great cuts, styles, and brands for someone with my hourglass shape. I don't even glance at pants in shops anymore so speak slowly, as if to a toddler. I am a pants toddler, how's that for a myspace quote?

This brings me back to my point which is WORK WHAT YOU HAVE. I had a spendy summer and acquired a lot of great items. I am in the process of figuring out how to make all my girly frocks translate as the seasons change and it gets colder. In my thrifting I am always looking for cheap "extras." I love vintage 50's cardigans, cheap scarves, blazers, brooches, etc. I decided to do an experiment with the dress I wore today. It is particularly floaty and lightweight. Leaping into the future, I put together a few different ways I can transition a reeeeallly summery dress into fall!

Today, September 18th, 2008

Next Month, October 18th, 2008
Cardigan-Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange, Free People
Supposedly opaque black tights-Nordstroms
Brooch- Vintage from a lot purchased on ebay
Brown patent oxfords- ebay

Two months from now! November 18th, 2008
Boots- FRYE, gift from my mom

Truth be told I think I could add some more color and a little more shape to the last one, but that is what December is for! I can see this being a really fun challenge for me in the next few months. I don't like the idea of banishing my favorite dresses to the back of the closet for 5 months of the year. If you have any suggestions lay it on me!

I did go thrifting this week, less than usual. I have been known to hit up a different thrift store every other day because I am so obsessed with finding great pieces. I live for the moment someone compliments my outfit so I can say "This? Oh, this was $8 at big deal." I get pleasure from the small things in life :)

I don't mess around at thrift stores. I come home with loads EVERY time.


Man I love patterns! Doesn't it look like candy? 

A lot of my finds are for my shop or photo shoot purposes but I got some great items for myself. I'm saving most of them for looks I can show you later, all put together and flashy! However, my favorite find by far was this random large square of sparkle striped fabric...

I'm not gonna lie. I want to wear it like Grace Jones.

Photo 37Photo 36

Buuuut, I'll probably just use it as a scarf.

Photo 43

I know a lot of people who are reading this are experienced thrifters. But for those of you who don't do it often, or like many girls I talk to, say they just never "find anything good," I want to share the benefit of my experience. The next entry in this blog will include the basics, or my "guidelines" to successful thrifting. I don't take it too seriously, but if you want to get the good stuff, there are definitely tricks.

For now I'll leave you with a few of my favorite things from the internet tonight.

I am obsessed with cream and black right now. Expect an imitation.

First pic from
Second pic is Lilo obviously. Jacked from somewhere on the internet...well, ANYWHERE on the internet :)

On ebay I am watching these bad boys. This shoe is a holy grail for me. IDEAL.


A cool $80 with shiping, I am still trying to justify the price. But look how fantastic they are with textured tights! My heart be still. At the risk of having them stolen right out from under me, find em here.

And check out The Vintage Society, if you haven't already!

This girl and her style are killin it and very inspirational to me!

That's all I got for tonight friends, hope you're still diggin it a whopping two entries in...

Seacrest OUT!


Daila said...

sarah! i LOVE this blog. that is a great challenge for the year... i'm tempted to take it on. we will see. but until then, i absolutely love your style and i will look here for inspiration for the next 12 months. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm reading - and i'm in love! thanks for doing this!


Rosie said...

your blog makes me so happy.

Sarah D said...

thanks you guys!! your comments make me really happy :)

Kim Grant said...

I love this blog! You are my new fashion magazine.

Elena said...

I am definitely looking forward to the thrifting tricks. I am so bad at it and always buy stuff I would never ever wear.

JIN said...

you are seriously my favorite blogger now.

Jenny said...

your blog is amazing! i love the three different ways you paired that cute dress. im definitely excited for the next post especially because i'm one of those who "can't seem to find anything good" at thrift stores and envy my friends who can!

Black Market Baby said...

Wow, we have the opposite problem. I live in jeans and feel SO boring. My goal this year is to actually wear all those skirts I always buy that just sit in my closet. I've been pretty successful, for me that is. I too am planning on ways to bring all my dresses and skirts into fall. I love layers!

For you, I think you'd look great in some high-waisted, wide-legged pants. They really flatter the lovely hip-to-waist ratio of hourglass girls. Either dark denim trouser jeans, or button front sailor style in any color (navy, black, white, etc). I think they'd look great on you!

PS - where are you getting your bras, panties, and socks this year? I'm trying to do this challenge with you, but I need new warm socks for fall. not really feeling the thrift stores for that . . .

misee said...

you are totally adorable and i love love love your blog so far!