Excuses, excuses.


See that dress? That is one of my favorite thrifted finds ever!

The above photo is a tactic of distraction. See, I let my husband drive away with our kid...and my camera. This was unfortunate because I spent Saturday in an all day THRIFT-ATHON and had planned this fantastic photographic feast for the senses. Scarves and dresses and wedges and vintage faux fur! It was going to be fantastic. Le sigh.

So tomorrow I am planning to update here with my thrifting tips and the evidence that they work!

I apologize for the delay and I plan to try and update this blog every other day the majority of the time.  I do want to address something that occurred to me recently after a lovely friend of mine cheekily commented that her budget only allows her to wear and buy secondhand fashions (I heart you Kim Grant!)...I in no way took on this project in the spirit of the "poor little rich girl." I want everyone to reads this to know that my budget SHOULD have been restricting me to shop secondhand clothes exclusively for the better part of a decade now. My problem is that I have been living beyond my means. I cannot afford to pay the prices that I have been paying for pretty frocks and such. I am not proud of myself for blowing wads of cash I technically don't have on things just because I want them.  I have gotten myself in trouble time and time again because of my financial behaviors. To those of you who have self-control and have stuck to your budgets, digging through the Salvation Army for all your fashion needs for years, I salute you. I am envious of the control and self assurance it takes to say no to everything that is in front of you. This is a necessary step that decided to put a positive spin on and share with you guys! I don't want to insult anyone out there who has been doing this EXACT "project" for as long as I have been impulse buying. Since the idea for this blog popped into my head several girls have told me that they have basically been doing this for years and I am definitely in awe of you guys. Let it be known!

That said, I want to show you guys some of the great finds up for sale TONIGHT in my ebay store.

Take a peek at what's in store...


There is a good bit more, but I am going to make you work for it.


 And last but not least I wanted to let you guys know that my mom has asked me to refrain from profanity and nudity in my blog. Yes, that's right, all my plans to turn this into a pay by the minute kind of sight have been stomped on by my mom, just like my dreams of tattered tights I wanted to wear all those years ago...I know half of you have already jumped shipped upon reading the news and I am sorry to you!  

Seacrest OUT!


suck it said...

haha aw i love your blog already. i'm so excited to see your tips! i work at a thrift store so it's easy to find things cause i'm going through it all day but otherwise, when i'm actually shopping, i get frustrated cause there's just so much/my arms get tired haha

Rosie said...

patiently awaiting thrifting tips! your mom and mine should start a club for blog restrictions, i was asked not to use my real name.

i_heart_vintage said...

ahh what a good idea for a blog. i've seen your auctions before - didn't you live in long beach? anyway, i'm going to add a link to your blog on mine.