This is dumb.

Anna Wintour is not a good person.

Not only has she single handedly delegated American Vogue into a joke of a fashion magazine but WHY oh why would you make Tina Fey into an ass clown like this? I ADORE me some Tina Fey. And I don't hate... I mean, what do you do when you're asked to pose on the cover of Vogue? What do you do when you're inevitably attacked by stylists and skeletor in a pencil dress? Oh Anna, Do you get some sort of sick pleasure in taking one of the only smart, funny women we have as a country to hold in high esteem and making her look awkward and p-p-painfully uncomfortable in the glossy pages?! BUNNY EARS?! (EDIT: my husband just pointed out that those are mouse ears, haha. IT'S TOO EARLY TO BE THIS UPSET. I get flustered.)



"please don't hurt me" - Tina's face


Your bobble head better hope I don't see you on the street Anna. Watch your back.

Now let me say that Tina does look
PRETTY. Technically. She has a sweet little figure and at least on the cover she doesn't look constipated. Just stiff and vacant behind the eyes. Can you actually photoshop character out? Hm... I did not know that. But come on. Have you ever seen a more awkward expression than the one on her face in the long shot? I don't think I have.

This is not how I like to start my Saturday morning.

Seacrest OUT. xo


Anonymous said...

I agree, american vogue is not what it use to be when we were younger and collected every edition, pasted it's images on our walls or kept them in minty condition for future glances! I miss the epic photos of Shalom in fabulous gardens and fantastic eyepoping layouts......fix it Sarah!!!

Kallie said...

vogue has sucked for months, elle is so much better. they need to get tina fey on their cover! Insert "BLERG" across the mickey mouse ears shot.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing to come out of that photo shoot was the BTS video & interview with Tina Fey wearing a grey hoodie:

Anonymous said...

thats fuckin weird. words...

le13anna said...

Anna Wintour is a tool and even a non-fashionist like me knows that.

PS I have a ebay gift card to spend and I'm watching the Magnilia Family's Page like a hawk!