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am in love. tokion sept/oct 2009 "earth angel"

20090822190557_00003_2Picture 2
20090822190557_00004_2Picture 3Picture 4
Picture 4

photos by Stephen Schacher

If anyone else out there with superior google skills can find this whole series, I will send you a lock of my hair and a recipe for honeybun cake. No kidding.

Nevermind! High fives and candy apples for Hilarie who directed me to the Zinio web site and WHABAM. I added the rest of the gorgeous set.

On a different note!

We're friends, right? In the modern sense of the word we are.

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Hilarie HIldebrand said...


hope that works! pages 65-70 or so.

Crusheleptic said...

can i just say THANK YOU!!! wow... these images are sooo inspiring! Just what I needed...I feel like I live those images but now I seriously need to make them!