the giving spirit.

I am in the mood to give.

It's not something that happens that often so my advice is take advantage

and now is your chance!!




(I can't decide which photo I like better for this purpose. Please choose for yourself which appeals to you, gets you in the spirit more, and then focus on it.)

The Prizes!

I am making THREE gift packs that are all vintage, all from the heart :) I will be including vintage jewelry, a vintage scarf, and something else, who knows. I will gift wrap your present and mail it to the winner by Wednesday, December 16th. I am actually GOING SHOPPING for these gifts, not just selecting from the magnolia family closet. Fancy, right?

How to Enter!!

While this is all in the holiday spirit, I am still going to use it to my advantage. Winners will be chosen at random from followers of the Magnolia Family Vintage twitter account on Monday, December 14th. That's five days to push ONE BUTTON that says follow. I want to get 100 followers by Christmas! I will put your name in the drawing twice if you tweet about this giveaway, this blog, my awesomeness, etc, etc. You will have to message me or comment to let me know if you have payed it forward though. I wouldn't want to miss it!

Who doesn't like a pretty gift under their tree from a stranger? No one doesn't like that.

Ok, got it? Follow the shop ON TWITTER to win a super cute, hand-picked, holiday gift package from the family de magnolia aka me, and Magnolia Family Vintage.



Taylor K said...

I like the second photo better. You should send me your list, then I will mention the giveaway when I post what you believe. Wicked smart, right?

Jessica Meyer said...

The pink christmas tree definitely stands out to me! I love that.

ほし said...

Noooo, why do you do this to me! I don't have a Twitter :(

I'm still in love with those sequined birds you put on the tree. You showed those last Christmas, right?

Hipstercrite said...

i loooove the bottom card!
i'm following and about to retweet your post....right NOW!

_Franny said...

Re-Tweeted with love! ( and crossed fingers)

p.s I love the second photo - Bueatiful trees and a bueatiful Family x

Jessica Meyer said...

Just retweeted your post :) ATXglutenfree

Sidewalk Chalk said...
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Sidewalk Chalk said...

Great blog -- my sister and I really like your style. I'm now following you on twitter with my personal account and retweeted this post. :) - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Linda said...

I like the 2nd photo best. Such a cute family pic!

xoxo Linda (aka Cruxgothgirlie on Twitter. I retweeted for ya.)

Tiffany Diane said...

Also, I put up your sweet lil' podcast (way later obv). Thanks for everything. Here is the link to the zshare for the recording if you wanna have it.

shandenn said...

i like your family, thus i picks the second.

and i followed & tweeted! so glad to find out youre on twitter!

ELVIA said...

I like the first picture - colorful Christmas tree :)

I'm following via le Twit ( and I've retweeted this giveaway: @magnoliafamily offering #Vintage #Christmas #Giveaway:


brandi milne said...

I love the second one, I can't believe a place like that exsists! I would be super stoked and tickled pink if I won! I hope you got my message on Twitter!

Peace out.

mary van note said...

@maryvannotes is following you on twitter!

Kiley said...

you're amazing. :) and i love the xmas tree!

just followed you and retweeted!

hope you and your family are having a happy holiday :)

fashionfrugality said...

I am already a twitter follower :) And I sent out a tweet -
kkondek at

Mike D said...

I LOVE the main photo just a great concept as for the Christmas pictures, I enjoy the first one. Very creative idea about the contest, hope it goes well and I will keep my fingers crossed.