If you love fashionable people, as I do...

And I mean the truly fashionable, the transcendent, the taste-makers...

You love them even more when they are self-deprecating and multi-dimensional.

In the spirit of this,

I love that a woman with as much prestige as she has earned is so charming and sounds like a real human... not a fashion-bot like some other editors who shall remain nameless!


joan juliet buck


You should listen to this episode and all other episodes of The Moth, a storytelling series in which various notables and regular joes alike tell true stories, without notes, to a live audience. It's an amazing program that I am addicted to. You can find out all about it at the web site and subscribe to the podcast on itunes!

And yes, I am trying to distract you until I have enough time to update with signifigance!


ELVIA said...

omg, thanks so much for the heads up :)

A and A said...

your blog is a true gem... linked you on our blog.

lots of love from san francisco.
alex and amy

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hello my party-planning friend! I LERVE The Moth!! I heard Malcolm Gladwell on there recently. Totally going to go check out Joan's interview, too!

Coffee/scheming sometime?

Orchid Grey said...

I love the MOTH! I just heard an episode the other day, new favorite program!