breast friends.

What can I say?


I hope you had an amazing Halloween. I hope you astounded and confounded with your mystical disguise. I hope you made merriment and crafted a lifetime of memories. No, I really do. That's what nights like Halloween are for right?? As you can see from the photos above, I spent the post-trick or treating hours of Halloween in my living room. Husband and I ate buffalo spaghetti and watched scary movies. We are known party animals, it's the truth.

But that's not what this post is about. This post is about BREASTS.


Weeeeelll, specifically breast appreciation and preservation in the form of ME (and my breasts) walking the (60 MILE!!) Breast Cancer 3-Day walk for the Susan G Komen Foundation next weekend in Dallas. I meant to talk about this ages ago, as I have been prepping for it for ages. As a matter of fact, I walked my butt 10 miles just today along the sparkly banks of town lake here in Austin. It's been awesome spending the summer, and the beginning of the fall, outside, by the river...

I am not proud of the fact that I have never been a particularly involved kinda gal. I don't march, I don't protest, I usually just don't participate in causes at all (unless you count mouthing off? I do that fairly regularly). This is my first real foray into actively stepping out, sacrificing, and making an effort to help. I have worked really hard getting ready for this and I am really excited.

We cannot escape the fact that cancer of all kinds is taking our friends, our family, our co-workers, our idols, our mentors, and our children away from us at an astounding rate. Recently, in my own family, cancer has hit like an anvil. I myself am at extremely high risk to develop breast cancer because of genetic predisposition* and breast size. Now, this is disturbing because I LIKE my boobs and desire to keep them AND live a long, healthy life. Without a cure, you and me and our mothers and sisters and daughters are all walking around with time bombs strapped to our chests. I would love to see my beautiful little girl get to grow up in a world where she doesn't have to be afraid of her own boobs. So here I am, entering the world of doing my part. And don't be fooled! 60 miles is a loooooong walk. And I am happy to do it for such a good cause. I will be walking with my mother, my aunt, and my cousin.

I abhor soliciting money, especially from strangers. But that is what I am here to do. Any donation you can afford to give to this cause would be AMAZINGLY appreciated. I have not reached my goal of $2300 yet and I need your help. Any amount at all will be a huge measure of generosity. $5 will put a smile in my heart and be a step in the direction of my goal, $2300!!

Help me reach my goal for the Dallas/Fort Worth Breast Cancer 3-Day!

I have been slacking on blogging and all kinds of things to get ready for this. If you're wondering why I haven't shown off any of my (yes, awesome) thrifted finds lately, it is mostly because I have been spending a whole lot time in workout pants and pink walking shoes. But alas, there is hope. I have a whole BOATLOAD of news and excitement and treasures to blog about... As soon as this walk is over :)

Again, thank you to all of you who are reading this and to anyone who can donate. I will take a ton of pictures and think about you (and your breasts) while I trek. xo

p.s. Do you have ANY idea how long I searched for a tasteful, vintage-y, implied nudity, breast focused photo to include in this post? Something is either wrong with my internet skills or the internet itself, I tell ya.

*I recently considered getting screened for the breast cancer gene after listening to one woman's inspiring account of finding out she had it and subsequently removing her own breasts (listen to it here). Unfortunately, it turns out that if I do test positive for it, I would be screwed because my insurance company would then consider it a "pre-existing condition" and likely fail to cover my treatment. You heard me right.

Yea, our health care system is fiiiiiine.


Kiley said...

you are amazing for being a part of that! i just did the 3k on sunday. race for the cure is probably my favorite charity event every year!

good luck dear. :)

Jodi Kendall said...

What a wonderful event. I have done a few races for cancer-awareness as well, and it's such a great feeling to be a part of something bigger than ourselves!

I'm a New York City-based writer for the National Geographic Channel and stumbled upon your site.

Have a great day -