A massive attack, in parts.

Since I have been absent for awhile, I will eschew the coherent, narrative blog style today in favor of a BLOG DUMP. Sounds classy, right? Basically, here are a bunch of things I have saved, noted, or intended to blog about... dumped all over the page in a sloppy, jumbled fashion.

1. Summer is here. 

How do I know? The obvious evidence being the month of June, the heat, and the parade of magazine articles about self-tanner, your bikini body, and cold soup recipes. The less obvious evidence being the trail of wet bathing suits, empty SPF 50 bottles, and crusty, chlorine wasted magazines all over my house. I usually look like this...


What else are you supposed to do when it is, in all seriousness, 103 degrees outside, with 80% humidity, and there are tornados threatening your sanity. TORNADOS IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD PEOPLE.

I have just fallen into a routine of work, working out, and going to the pool with the tiny one. Every once in awhile, I have been compelled to get dressed. Sometimes like so,

Picnik collage
thrifted skirt/dress
thrifted Cache vest

I know. If you're paying attention, you must be freaking out because HOW AMAZING ARE MY NEW (?) WONDROUS, VINTAGE PLATFORMS? I picked them up at Feathers a few weeks ago. I don't need any more children, these are my babies. In my opinion, heels this great, in mint, vintage condition, are the holy grail. I don't think I looked at the price, I was ready to spill blood for them. I could tell the shopgirl was a bit envious that they fit my feet.


Moving on... Someone tell me, does my right arm look that large in real life? I deserve to know!

Picnik collage
thrifted gauze dress
thrifted lace vest
FRYE boots, obviously.
thrifted satchel

I was quite pleased with this Goodwill purchase as well!


Oh, and here is what it looks like to be upstaged. HARD.

Picnik collage
Anthropologie dress, purchased at least 3 years ago
thrifted Dian VonFurstenberg bag
vintage sandals

I am ALMOST as excited about these sandals as I am about the platforms. I mean, THEY SAY MY NAME. How does that even happen? When it's right, it's right. I bought these when we were in California, forever ago, and have been saving them for summer proper. I was amazed when I visited my old neighbourhood how the already nifty Fourth Street drag in Long Beach had sprouted even more amazing and hip little vintage boutiques. It's not hard to make me miss CA, but they succeeded with a vengeance.


Enough of that...

2. My bestie (kick me in the face, I would) has a wicked blog.

Honestly, MUCH better than mine. You should stop reading this right now and move on to Experiment in Poverty right now. NOW! She updates, like, EVERY SINGLE DAY. She writes about her boyfriend, the artist, she loves ballet, and she was on Glamour Online last week! This is Jasmine...


Anyhow, we have been best friend for more than a decade. According to her, the first time we met was in line for the water fountain or something, P.E., 7th grade. I introduced myself with charm by saying "No offense, but you have a lot of split ends." In my own defense, I have no memory of this. In hers, this totally sounds like something I would have said.

We used to be so innocent.

*If I hear you say you look fat in this photo again I am going to cry. Seriously, I am not going to do anything mean or funny I am just going to sob and make you feel guilty.

3. I cannot stop watching these videos.


I feel like I have an infection, it's that... vital. I watch it in the morning and in the evening. I like the balance.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

dang your daughter's got some serious voguing going on. she is sooo cute, and tall? or maybe its just the picture. thanks for introducing your friends blog, I really like it! yayyy lbc- my hometizzle. not just for snoop dog anymore.

Sarah D. said...

awesome! I used to live in Long Beach too! And Avery is fairly tall but I think she just knows how to pose like a supermodel haha

Anonymous said...

love the skirt/dress and those PLATFORMS!!!

Claire said...

Aww lovely photos!!! And don't worry about your arm, it's the angle of the photo (seriously, in some photos of me, Im like "Holy Moley, are my thighs THAT huge? I know I see that in the mirror, but I've been told they're not like elephants!" and then in others it's like "ooh slimline! Hello!").

Amazing shoes, they look really comfortable yet supportive!!

le13anna said...

obviously no one understands your shoe problem. I mean really, i could walk by any of those any day and not even notice! However, i must say that you look shockingly fabulous and the first dress makes me want to make out with you no matter how humid it gets. duh

ONiC said...

i love the outfits :D

Karinaxoxo said...

OMG i want your hair!!! gawd how I've tried to have my hair crazy curly!
Love your style and blog!

Christina Entcheva said...

Hey lady - I love your blog!

Anika said...

beautiful, beautiful thrifted beauties. and the frye boots, of course ;)

and a gorgeous daughter to boot.

love your blog :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

I love your hair!

The Clothes Horse said...

I love those platforms. Your outfits are great too--perfect summery looks.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hello Sarah,
What a great find, those sandals! I'm partial to shoes in the tan leather and wood combo.

And thank you for popping by over at my blog! x

Wanderlusting said...

LOVE your platforms and sandals - love the concept of this blog too. Yay, you're a new favourite to add to my roll :)

theyearoflivingthriftily said...

thanks so much!!

JINX said...

you full of energy



Carolyn said...

yessss! i love your goal this year....great idea to be so thrifty and "earth loving" ;) I just grabbed a ton of vintage at a thrift/costume shop on my trip. I am so excited to start altering and making them MINE! Maybe i'll post a few...???

P.S. Jasmine does rock rather hard...what a sweet best friend to have :)

Anonymous said...

hello! my name is leigh and i'm the life + arts editor at the daily texan at ut. i'm working on a big story about austin bloggers and would love the chance to interview you. could this be arranged?


Anika said...

I'd love to see your take on the questionnaire (and yes, I too am a sucker for them :)

Also, the Balenciaga boots are just heaven.

Have a great one :)

Posh said...

Wow, I really adore your second outfit! All items match amazing! <3

I really need those Frye boots in black, love them!!

WendyB said...

You've got some awesome shoes!

Kendra said...

all of your stuff is so cute! I'm finally going to austin in november! haha