and here's to the silver sea.

There are so many amazing things about going on vacation in Hawaii with your family. The most amazing being the inevitable (if we have the same mother, anyhow) group family photos on the beach.  I thought I would, nee should, share some of the beauty with you all.

"I'm squishing your head"

Looks like my hypersensitive offspring just realized she was standing on *GASP* sand.




Don't worry, with a little time and patience, you too can learn to look this pretty in photos...

I think we pulled it out in the end. This one has "annoying family photo Christmas card that you look at once and then throw away" written AAAALLLLL over it.


So I was in Oahu all last week on family vacation and I took a merciful break from anything blog related. This is almost all the photos I ended up in. In case you are wondering, I found that dress at a flea market near Peal Harbor. A few of the other lessons/highlights of my vacation included,

  • Avery gets stung by a portugese man o' war on night one. She speaks in tongues and screams for an hour. The next day she GETS BACK IN THE OCEAN. Whaaaaatttt?
  • Polynesian guys dancing is hot, really hot. I was unaware.
ooooh manly.
  • We do not have television at my house. After spending a week in a room with a television, I have discovered that I love the Animal Planet channel and Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel.
Again. Whaaaat?!?!
  • Japanese tourists are the most stylish people on earth. I probably do not need to point this out but come on. They always look this fresh and styled, even while sunbathing.

Oooooh, I also got to hit up 88 Tees in Waikiki, a fun, trendy japanese vintage/tee-shirt shop. I was desperately searching waikiki on our last day on the island for a sweater or sweatshirt to buy so I wouldn't freeze to death during the 11 hours I was going to endure in the air. I detest being cold. It would have been an easier task were I not bound to this little secondhand agenda. I was so excited when I discovered the racks and racks of vintage shirts, sweaters, and sportswear in 88 tees!!

I ended up with a vintage NAVY hooded sweatshirt for $18! Perfect. I was cozy all the way home and I stayed true to my pledge. Alas, Austin is suffering through a vicious heat wave and I may not even touch the sweatshirt again for months. It is topping 100 degrees here every day, by several degrees in fact, and doesn't look to be cooling soon.

In the spirit of blogging about what this blog is actually about, here are the last two outfits I photographed before leaving on vacation.

Picnik collage

dress-thrifted, from Anthropologie

And yes, that is my kid on two different days in the same dress. She is young, we'll forgive her ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment!
I love your beach photo's and the trifted Anthropologie dress a lot!

Ella said...

looks like you had a lot of fun on your vacation!
love the family photos and your daughter is so cute!

HEK said...

I really admire that you only buy used. Inspiring!
And you guys look lovely:)

Mars said...

your style is AMAZING :D not to mention how much hair envy i'm suffering from over here! that photo of your family is adorable, you all look so happy!


jasmine said...

how am i completely NOT surprised that you love the animal planet channel and deadliest catch?

i told levi the man o' war story. he was cracking up.

his response: "she sounds just like YOU."

see??!?!?! read the book, sarah.

Damsels said...

88 Tees looks so awesome .

i wish i could go there .
your daughter is so cute and she looks adorable in the pic with the "SAND"! said...

aww your daughter is adorable, both of you look very stylish!! I just saw that you are from Austin, I go up there about every 3 weeks to visit friends! Would you recommend any cool thrift/vintage shops (not too pricey) and maybe some consignment stores? buffalo exchange totally ripped me off last time i went to try and sell my clothes:/

chelsea jade said...

both dresses are something else!
especially the second one which indeed has stolen my clothes-horse heart.

chelsea jade.

A "cheery" disposition said...

the beach pictures are so fun! You guys look like such a cute family.

Lizzard said...

hypersensitive offspring! hahaha you are so funny and your babe is precious! I especially love that picture of the two of you modeling in the door way :)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...