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So before I say anything else on this here blog, I feel compelled to let you know, if'n you don't already, that you can now get your shop on over at!!

Exciting right? Go ahead and bookmark that for future reference would you? I promise lots of good vintage, reasonable prices, and weekly updates. A promise is a promise. My word is my bond.

If you take a look at the sight I would loooove to hear what you think about it. I am happy to accept suggestions as well as compliments. We are starting small and simple on our first web boutique but we put a lot of passion, love, and hard work into getting this started. I absolutely couldn't have done any of it without the entire "Magnolia Family" and they know who they are. What a gift it is to see how much love you have in your life as they come out of the woodwork to offer support, help, a listening ear... I hope all of you who helped make this goal happen know how much I adore you, and that I won't forget it in the future whenever I can be of service.

And for now, I want to offer anyone who is reading this a %15 discount on MFV goods for the month of August! That's right, your discount code is THRIFTY. So get your measuring tape out and get some vintage! ♥

Oh! Oh! And! There are some new hand-selected by moi, vintage goodies over at right now! Not only did we choose some stellar pieces for them but you might see a familiar magnolia over there! Yes, MFV's very own model Kathleen is wearing all them righteous finds which (in my opinion) makes it that much better. My favorite finds are pretty easy to spot if you know me...

Picture 5
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Picture 4
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Picture 3
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So obviously there is a Native American theme going on in my picks, in fashion right now, in irony, in life. It dawned on me recently that the last one hundred pictures or so in my account are tribal or native or western in essence. Also, there are quite a few such finds on right now, like THIS, THIS, or perhaps THIS?? Maybe it's because my mother studied Native American History while I grew up (frequently dragging me to powwows, cave dwellings, and tiny desert museums of which there are many out west), maybe it's because I just spent the better part of three weeks in Montana/Wyoming where they haven't exactly let go of their wild west past (or the legends, or the outfits for that matter), or maybe I am just highly susceptible to trends like a sartorial weakling (doubt it, ha!) but I have happily indulged in the fringe/feathers/bones motif of the moment. Even so much as to be considering a dreamcatcher tattoo for my next permanent marking! I am in love with the coolors and femininity of this design I found online,


whaddya think friends?



Bethany said...

Congratulations on the new web shop!

I love the simple style of the site, and of course the styling and photography is beautiful - just as I would expect from your talent!

As a vintage collector, I always appreciate the era of each item listed (sometimes it is hard to tell through pictures), and a picture of the tag. Not a dealbreaker, but always easier to see the full story of the piece with both!

Anonymous said...


thrifted finds said...

love that last picture, so cool